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Comment Re:So will stacking us vertically (Score 3, Insightful) 394 394

the cattling of economy class, the security theater, the inconvenience of the current airport experience has gotten me to the point that if a destination is less than 10 hrs by car, I'll drive rather than fly. Between the delays of getting to the airports 90 to 120 minutes prior to the flight, the inevitable delays, it just makes more sense to drive it rather than fly for me

Comment Battle Hardened? sort of? (Score 2) 117 117

Like XP, and NT and 2K before them, They've been in battle for over a decade, being attacked, patched, attacked, Service Packed. Not invulnerable because nothing is, but 2K3 is better than it was, that being said, having a Windows box exposed to the internet with no protection is flat out silly. Right tool, right job. Using a windows 2003 server to serve webpages on the internet is like using a 6 yr old to direct traffic. All the requisite parts are there, but the execution isn't the best.

Comment From an IT Admin (Score 2, Insightful) 582 582

I've been the internet cop is several organizations during my employment history and have seen administrators (not IT people) declare everything from "ALL shall be free!" to "Don't let them do anything more than their job" as a standard to use for filtering. Most likely what is happening is that someone, not in IT, has the list of "categories" from the filter service provider, be it Dan's Guardian or a big company like Websense, and have picked the usual suspects of Adult, Security, Malware, and Offensive, along with Hate Speech, Violence, and IT related" and flipped the filter on. The University Administration will ask you one question and one question only, "What part of your EDUCATION" is being effected by this? AND remember these people have fairly well tuned BS detectors. This isn't your parents' basement, they have the right to do what they will to reduce costs (your tuition) by protecting their network and reducing bandwidth use. If you don't like the on campus connection then move off campus and PAY for your own net connection where you can surf to your heart's content and waste your parents' money on reading hackaday instead of getting the Business Degree your parents are paying for by working overtime. And if you want REALLY draconian, they know eveery website you attempt to go to, whether it's blocked or not, and with the newest tech, they are doing a man in the middle on all SSL traffic so they know what you are doing there as well.

Comment this is distressingly familiar (Score 1) 359 359

A similar large vendor tried this near me. they said for X we will deliver A, B &C. simple We pony up X..... quick implementation ensues 1. The techie they sent us has never worked with an environment like ours 2 The internal geeks stated "this crap stinks, doesn't work and will break things" 3.The salesman precedes to distract management with concert and sports tickets 4. Project is getting near deadline, A, B & C not working 5. We report that A B & C aren't working and that "this crap stinks, doesn't work and will break things" 6. The salesman precedes to distract management with concert and sports tickets 7. Project finally stalls 8.A B & C aren't working and "this crap stinks, doesn't work and will break things" 9 Salesman says "throw 5x at problem and that will fix it 10. Management balks because A B & C aren't working and "this crap stinks, doesn't work and will break things" 11. Suddenly Salesman isn't taking calls This is the pattern of business, it doesn't matter if something actually works, it matters that it makes a sale.

Comment Not everyone is like that... (Score 1) 533 533

We got in front of the iDevice train, followed by the Android train..... 99% of our people requested email access, not problem. We're still a Groupwise shop, it was a simple matter to stand up a Novell Datasync server and provide all them with calendar and email access on iDevices and Android. We'll even put a bullet in their phone if they lose it. Our restriction? pin code instead of swipe to open and the agreement that when they leave our employ we will be sending the bullet out to their phone and they will need to reconnect it to their pc (iDevice) or go through the registration process (Android) to get use of it again. We don't allow personal devices on our core network, but we do provide a wireless access ( low bandwidth, no access to the core network) to these devices. We may actually sponsor iPads someday for certain users AND we do give them the option of a blackberry or iphone if they are issued work cell phones.

Comment they aren't the government (Score 1) 519 519

Has anyone been arrested by the BSA? no. They aren't the government. Does anyone know if any of their shenanigans ever made it to court? I wouldn't turn my network over without a warrant to the government, I sure as hell won't to some "Alliance" who has no authority to compel me to do anything. .... Of course, my business runs on Linux and our desktops come with windows licenses from the factory. We were accused by them of pirating office software. We met with them offsite, I showed them our desktop software manifest, which states the following : OpenOffice vX.X Firefox vX.X end of statement and asked them who we needed to pay for freely available software. they walked slowly away....apparently our disgruntled jackass former co-worker didn't know that openoffice was free and assumed it was an pirated software since we said to her "we don't need a licence, just installed it"......

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