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Woo hoo! Mr. Libertarian! You are so right.

Folks had a "choice" of quitting into the highest unemployment in a decade, losing their houses, forcing their kids out of college, and giving up any shot at retirement.

Free choice! America! Fuck yea!

Unlike so many other countries in the world, many of which have higher living standards and higher per capita income than the united states and where labor laws protect the ordinary citizens from such abuse.

In my case, I did exercise my "choice" as soon as I made my "number" and retired at 51.

Comment: Re:sure, works for France (Score 1) 231

CIA world factbook:


$113.6 billion (2013 est.)
country comparison to the world: 35
$119.3 billion (2012 est.)
Exports - commodities:

machinery and equipment, computers, chemicals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals; food products, animal products

It's 25th in the world for per capita income.
The united states is 14th.

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by TubeSteak (#47536897) Attached to: The Army Is 3D Printing Warheads

Sometimes the people in the different color uniform are acting like animals, these animals are killed, not murdered.

Enemy combatants are not murdered,

The intentional death of a human being is always murder.
Societies then create moral and legal exemptions to allow murders that the people consider necessary.

Sometimes the people (in uniform) dehumanize the enemy to make it easier to murder them.
It's an extremely ugly road to go down:
And I'm not exaggerating:

I'm glad we're civilized enough to have stopped making dehumanizing propaganda the official government policy.
I hope you can catch up with the civilized world.

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Don't get me wrong- I've been primarily on Libreoffice and then Openoffice for several years now.

But I see no reason that you couldn't have automated the data transfer in the microsoft environment too. I've written programs both in VBA and in Openoffice Basic which implement that kind of functionality.

The significant challenge to the openoffice side is better integration with email an the calendar. It provides microsoft with a lot of lockin.

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by TubeSteak (#47536665) Attached to: The Army Is 3D Printing Warheads

But you have no problem basking in the freedom provided by those who use them.

There's a lot implicit in that sentence.
Which freedom is "provided" by our military.
Which freedom specifically are we all basking in?
What freedom has been preserved or provided by invading Iraq or Afghanistan?

Post 9/11 laws have done more to take away our freedoms than anything the military has done to recover or preserve them.

Is freedom from terrorist attacks more important than freedom from warrantless wiretaps, loss of due process (hello terrorist watch list), freedom from enhanced interrogation, National Security Letters, Guantanamo Bay, extraordinary rendition, freedom from assassination (sorry, targeted killing), freedom from secret courts (separate from the loss of due process), and I could keep going.

If you went back 50 years and told someone this is what the USA would become,
they'd laugh and say that you're describing Soviet Russia or East Berlin.

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by TubeSteak (#47536473) Attached to: Compromise Struck On Cellphone Unlocking Bill

which also mafically translates into a monopoly or biopoloy for Internet access and municipal fiber is supressed.

I recall reading a paper which studied market behavior and it concluded that even 4 or 5 companies that aren't colluding can still naturally behave like a cartel.

It's not just enough to have competitors, you must have meaningful competition.

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In ireland, you get 20 days vacation and 9 paid holidays a year.

The average Irish working week is 39 hours and the legal maximum 48.

I was forced to work 83 hours at my last employers. On salary.

Then a year later, they laid all of us off and replaced us with indians.

Then we found out through leaks they had been PLANNING to lay us off when they ordered us to work those hours.

People had heart attacks, divorces.

It's evil and society shouldn't tolerate it.

Comment: Re:sure, works for France (Score 2) 231

1 Luxembourg $4,089
2 Norway $3,678
3 Austria $3,437
4 United States $3,263
5 United Kingdom $3,065
6 Belgium $3,035
7 Sweden $3,023
8 Ireland $2,997
9 Finland $2,925
10 South Korea $2,903
11 France $2,886

So basically, you get better, less expensive, more effective* mostly free national health care, better social security, better standards of living, shorter working days (8-4/9-5 vs 8-5/9-6), and 6 weeks vacation.

For that you surrender $387 a month. In france.

It costs you less in Sweden, Belgium, and UK. I think working conditions in Ireland are currently worse than in the U.S.

It costs you nothing in Luxembourg (atypical), Norway, and Austria.

*While exceptions exist in the U.S., they are usually for very expensive treatments. In general, the mortality rate, child and infant mortality rate, and lifespan are better in the listed countries. U.S. health care outcomes for the bottom 80% are worse than 28 or 29 other 1st world countries.


More generally (not in response to your post), you can't negotiate vacation in the U.S. It's a benefit- it's hard coded in the software. I did it once- getting a week without pay- after five years my new manager just arbitrarily cancelled it when I got my paid 3rd week. There was no one to appeal to if I wanted to remain employed.

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You are really quite mistaken. The attitude you are displaying is actually quite recent- it developed after 1980. "Business" is purely a social construct. If you look into the history of corporations, the legal constructs were explicitly created for the benefit of society in general in mind.

If all businesses had no employees- then no one could buy any products.

Money is just how we agree to swap things around in society to prevent violence.

Whenever things get too unbalanced, the violence is waiting around just under the surface. It's happened over and over throughout history. Even the wealthy are starting to be openly concerned about the imbalance of the distribution of income and wealth in society.

If we reach a point where business practices benefit well under 50% of the population, I assure you that things will change.

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And yet we always here how it's women's genitalia that has the power.

I think men's power were in their arms, backs, and their greater aggression.

Dicks really had little to do with it.

Cultures which didn't procreate quickly got wiped out for most of history. If you had 3 baby boys and they had 1 baby boy, then in 20 years, your culture took over (either peacefully or violently).

Any kind of culture that supported a low birth rate wasn't really practical until the invention of guns and machines.

Comment: Re:Price of using scientists as political pawns (Score 1) 270

All this talk of level playing fields ignores the entire point of subsidies.
The idea is to foster a new industry whether it's through loans, grants, or University research.

"Level playing field" ignore the fact that the fossil fuel industry is an established multi-trillion dollar global industry.
Last year, the oil industry spent ~$700 billion just on finding new oil.

Cutting everyone's subsidies is not leveling the field, it's taking green energy out back and shooting it.

Comment: Re:name and location tweeted... (Score 1) 812

College gender gap remains stable: 57% women

Just how much longer are we going to keep our foot on the back of young men's necks?

Free money, education, assistance to females even tho they are closing on 60% of the degrees.

Yes- from the beginning of time until about 50 years ago, men were in control of most societies. But things have changed rapidly.

At my last job, the supervisors and managers were 70% female. And they did things which would have resulted in lawsuits if a male did the same thing.

Are you shooting for fairness or retribution?

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by TubeSteak (#47530511) Attached to: Will Your Next Car Be Covered In Morphing Dimples?

That's dumb. Pedestrians and bicyclists don't have the same requirements as automobiles, we should focus on keeping them separated. It's not as though they need to share the same space, except where no thought has been given to them.

Roads belonged to pedestrians and they had priority, not horse carriages, bicycles, or eventually automobiles.
The status quo, where you separate pedestrians and drivers, is entirely a concoction of the automotive industry.

Roads were originally a shared space and the thinking is moving back towards that direction.

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