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Comment: From the paper (Score 1) 191

by perlhacker14 (#35295000) Attached to: Cell Phone Use Tied To Changes In Brain Activity
I find a few issues with the paper itself: First, they claim that the E-field created drops off as 1/r^3 and use the far field approximation, akin to a dipole. However, a cell phone is not a dipole, and at the ranges in consideration, the field is likely to drop off more like 1/r. In addition, a look at their plots of the field with time, shows that there is a nearly uniform difference between the on and off measurements' points. While I can't claim that the results are false, I must take issue with the physics presented.

Comment: No Incentive (Score 2, Interesting) 145

As someone going through this sort of therapy, I can tell you that if an individual has no incentive or desire, there is absolutely no point in trying.
Game team talk type things might help, but only if they have issues with that kind of situation. There is no substitute for real life trials.

Comment: Perhaps I'm Naive, but (Score 1) 392

by perlhacker14 (#28602299) Attached to: HTML 5 should support ...

Perhaps I'm naive or just misinformed, but would it be that difficult to use HTML 5.0 if it did not implement video support? Could video support not be built elsewhere (like in the browser)? It seems much more sensible to rely on a browser for such things anyhow - as a browser is easier to customize with addons and so forth.

Comment: Living in Suburbia... (Score 1) 397

by perlhacker14 (#28565209) Attached to: Marking U.S. Independence Day with ...

Living in suburbia sucks. The local police (with the backing of the township council) have announced high fines for anyone who sets off anything, in addition to tripling the fines for disorderly conduct... I'll just settle for the fire dept.'s fireworks; it's better than driving out thirty miles to the countryside.

Comment: Realistically Speaking... (Score 1) 575

by perlhacker14 (#27708795) Attached to: To What Age Do You Expect To Live?

I would expect to live to maybe my late 70s early 80s. Most of my family has made there or past, and if I keep in shape, I suppose that I could follow. However, this assumes a fairly healthy diet and lifestyle on my part and no new innovation. If all that research into ageing gives some results, or if someone manages to recreate the procedure Agamemnon used on Vorian in Dune... I could cross 100.

Comment: Every Generation (Score 4, Interesting) 1316

by perlhacker14 (#27202777) Attached to: Narcissistic College Graduates In the Workplace?

Every new generation is bound to feel superior to the previous, being fresh and inexperienced and self-confident in their sparkling new standards. Every previous generation will feel that the new children are annoying little pests wearing too-big boots. This is to be expected, and the attitudes usually fade over time as the new generation gets hit with reality and the older ones come to stand them.
Of course, this really is the one of the first times that it comes up in the software fields, as the field is relatively new.

Comment: Why people watch movies.. (Score 4, Insightful) 395

by perlhacker14 (#26610203) Attached to: Daemon

People watch movies for entertainment, or for thrills - not for technological enlightenment. Tech in movies has a role meant to captivate the layperson - to keep them hooked; it is of no consequence whether it is acurate - it SOUNDS cool, and thus grips the viewer. In real life, it is similar to a high school wanna-be-nerd spewing out long and convoluted words to impress some peon... It seems to work.
For the enlightened on /.: please tell me that you are capable of sitting down and enjoying a film without nitpicking - if it bothers you, then IGNORE it.

I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when you looked at it in the right way, did not become still more complicated. -- Poul Anderson