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Comment Re:Wat? (Score 0) 102

Why not five? Six? Two?

If we have to use a fourth dimension, can it be "reason"?

Let's look at the reasonable uses of the nuclear "waste" here: 96% of the "waste" is uranium that when sent through reprocessing for fuel for present LWRs can use up to 30% of this amount. When fast reactors become more mainstream (only large operational plant is in Russia right now; the U.S. pulled all funding in the 1990's out of shortsightedness) that will allow full re-use of the 96% uranium as well as the 1% that is plutonium (and even a couple other transuranic isotopes).

Now, with that remaining 2-4%, you have a very long-lived, very radioactive source term that would be great for.... anything that needs a long-lived, hot source. Think of the Curiosity Mars rover; it gets it's power from an RTG that is based on a specific long-lived and radioactively hot plutonium isotope. Why should we limit ourselves to producing RTG's based on this one long-lived, hot isotope? Why not use the residual "waste" for applications such as that, or others?

So my point is, with the fourth dimension you suggested of reason, it seems like nuclear waste will actually be quite useful in the near term.

Comment Re:Wat? (Score 1) 102

Over the past four decades, the entire industry has produced 74,258 metric tons of used nuclear fuel. If used fuel assemblies were stacked end-to-end and side-by-side, this would cover a football field about eight yards deep.

So a country that invented nuclear power, currently runs 100 reactors constituting the largest nuclear generation in the world and has been for the last 50 years, only has produced enough "waste" to cover a football field eight yards deep?

That's less space than this plant will take up, for the world's greatest stockpile of nuclear waste...

Comment Re:Okay, seriously.... (Score 1) 70

Sure, fine, we can agree to that.

Your comment is not helpful though and is actually counter-productive. On face value, your comment is propagating the issue, making people feel sure that they are wiping* their device and they are fine.

*With no other further action** as you later revealed.

**Cited further action is not even valid when discussing selling a device.

Comment Re:Okay, seriously.... (Score 1) 70

Headline should read, "Most People Too Stupid To Wipe Electronic Devices Before Selling Them", and it should be from the Really really shocking news dept"

How does shooting "about 20 rounds of 5.56 ammo" relate to your comment about wiping a device? You are referring to physical destruction of media, whereas wiping is typically associated with the function literally using the word "wipe" in a mobile device recovery or OS, such as "wipe data" or "wipe cache". (Wipe-by-shooting-with-ammo is not an option.)

Comment Re:Chase cards text and email (Score 1) 345

No, your example it is as follows:

Step 1: Block the transaction

Step 2: Ask if it was you?

Step 3Y: If the same transaction is re-ran, approve.

Step 3N: Block the card

There's no ambiguity to whether the transaction will go through or not. If you say Yes, it will not charge you unless you redo the transaction.

Comment Re:Chase cards text and email (Score 1) 345

To each their own.

I used my UA card for over $25,000 purchases this year (for the status credit) in the United States, Austria, Germany, and Armenia, and have not had the issues you had. When I do have an issue, such as ordering the new Nexus 5X on Google's site but inputting the wrong zip code, the above mentioned text message response and then properly inputting my ZIP code fixed it.

Additionally I have two Chase Freedom cards, one of which authorized a $750.00 PayPal transaction that was fraudulent, but then emailed me about it afterwards. I confirmed it was fraudulent and it was gone in a couple days.

Your use case of multiple purchases at the same merchant might be indicative of fraud similar to me using the wrong ZIP code, but if you have it set up correct for the SMS response it really isn't an issue; it just seems like user error.

Comment Chase cards text and email (Score 4, Interesting) 345

My experience has been actually very good with Chase cards...

They decline the transaction then text you asking to reply "1" for Yes or "2" for No if it was you. Then you just reply "1" and repeat the transaction and it goes through.

Simultaneously they send an email with a green "yes" and a red "no" button that functions similarly.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 5, Funny) 126

Millennia after the impending nuclear war, archaeologists (under a different name in some new language, presumably "fjjakkjalers") will unearth evidence of a giant ring 27km in circumference on what is now the Franco-Swiss border.

Finding various "artifacts" (perhaps called "harahalnangs" in the future language), the fjjakkjalers will construct a 'theory' of polytheism, since the different sizes of identical tools found repeatedly throughout the site were obviously connected to many gods of different sizes.

Upon further inspection, they might see that this giant ring had fragments of a tube throughout its circumference, perhaps alluding to the passage of some material through this tube in the shape of small balls ("balls" in the future language), which would have been identified as a form of torture yet to be fully explained by the torturers of the future ("internet commentators", in the future language).

Comment Re:Whiney whiney whine (Score 1) 97

Why should there be a banner? If you go to Twitter to get your breaking news, you're a maroon.

Maybe it's just a case of ageism. After thinking he meant stupid people from context clues, I literally had to google "maroon urban dictionary" to verify it (old people call "stupid people" maroons since they learned that on Bugs Bunny cartoons?). After older people ask me how I found "_____" and I tell them Twitter, it's markedly harder to teach older people how to use Twitter in a useful manner for themselves. We usually revert to me just continuing to feed them information I find myself.

Twitter is useful for on the ground, at the moment, eye-witness accounts of shit happening.

I wholeheartedly agree. I also travel a lot to countries the MSM does not care to talk about, or where events there have gone past the "two-week MSM reporting period" (since that's how long money-making attention lasts), and so Twitter is mainly the only place I go to get "real" news that is unfettered and unabridged.

Comment Re:Algorithm (Score 4, Interesting) 233

Exactly, great point. Why would someone who is intelligent click on such an ad? I don't make $200k+, but I always assumed that clicking that link is a path to a Nigerian Prince promising that salary.

Why does Carnegie Mellon imply that women should be shown stupider ads than the present algorithm identifies?

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