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Comment: Re:my share must remain in the ground (Score 1) 182

by Oligonicella (#48434249) Attached to: Harvard Students Move Fossil Fuel Stock Fight To Court
If you're growing all your own food, with the variety that entails, you are doing nothing but and it will take a lot more than a tractor. That's just a start. Oh, the tractor is actually out as the very first time it needs repair, you won't have the money. Why? You're tilling, weeding, harvesting and processing. Remember, it's call sustenance farming for a reason.

Comment: Re:Already fixed (Score 1) 239

A simple fix (why am I helping Walmart? Because fraud is fraud) is to present the evidence to a customer information point, where they will check whether the price given is actually offered by Amazon and give a voucher with a code of some kind which can be used at checkout.

Result: Fraud stopped in its tracks.

Comment: Re:Wait what? (Score 1) 160

Couple thoughts... first that people need to quit blaming police for asset forfeiture, and start blaming politicians that passed the stupid laws - and the only ones that can revoke them.

The discretion given police allows them to not enforce any law they don't like. The police could choose to stop enforcing all the stupid laws tomorrow. That's the point of the separation of powers. If the legislature passes a bad law, it can be "veto"ed by the executive not executing it, even if the law wasn't vetoed or the veto failed.

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by Oligonicella (#48431949) Attached to: Harvard Students Move Fossil Fuel Stock Fight To Court
"There are plenty of companies and local businesses that can live without oil." YAAFM No, there aren't. Oil isn't just used for fuel, it's a lubricant. You want whaling as a full scale industry again? How about food? You want cow and horse shit as the main fertilizers again? You'd have it right at hand too. When cars were invented they were hailed as miracles because of all the friggin' horse shit in the streets of the major cities and the health hazards that caused. You haven't thought past the damned placards you read.

Comment: Re:I'm quite surprised it wasn't (Score 1) 473

by AK Marc (#48431335) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

Could you post your calculations that lead you to that conclusion. Do you think that the engineers who designed the space craft forgot to make the same calculation?

Power falls off at the square of the distance. Nobody ever said that the engineers failed to make that calculation, but that the power levels of the craft would have to be lower than my phone power needs to be able to function at those distances. That seems difficult. Nobody said impossible. Nobody said it wouldn't work. Someone said that the power would be low that far out. The rest was fabricated by you.

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