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Comment: How much? (Score 1) 57

by fyngyrz (#47961545) Attached to: Trouble In Branson-Land, As Would-Be Space Tourists Get Antsy Over Delays

For a flight that doesn't reach orbit and stay there with the environment in 0G for at least a few orbits, I wouldn't pay anything. Heck, I won't pay a commercial airline to fly because the ratio of inconvenience to convenience+enjoyment is too high between the (id|patr)iot act's enforced paranoia and the seating designed by one-legged, one-armed engineers. Now an oceangoing cruise liner, that's something else again. I loves me a nice cruise. It's even worth going first class, which it definitely isn't in a commercial airliner.

However, for a flight that *does* go to orbit and stays a few turns, and doesn't require a spacesuit, and for which I could have a very private cubby with a view for two for the orbital duration, I might part with as much as five thousand for two seats, just for those few hours. They'd have to let me take my camera, though.

Which means I'm not going to get to go. :) Unless they build a space elevator or several in my lifetime. And apparently the materials science there is either too difficult, or nearly so. Oh well. There's always Firefly reruns.

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Your state's governor was one of the ones that worked to sabotage the implementation of the ACA.

No, my state's governor is a major liberal Democrat, and was a serious cheerleader for ACA. He promised that our state would be a shining example of the law's implementation, and swore that he would use our local tax dollars to make a better web-facing exchange experience than the federal site could ever be. Then he made his deputy governor more or less a full-time ACA guy. He then spent over $200 million to completely botch the whole thing, and it had to be scrapped.

You've identified changes the law needs, but nothing like that has even been discussed since the only ACA votes that Congress will try are about repealing the whole thing.

No, these issues were discussed loudly and often BEFORE the law was completed. The Republicans pointed out these and many more baked-in flaws, but were of course ignored. The president keeps saying this is now all a matter of "settled law," and has said he will not accept changes to it. Same thing that Pelosi and Reid say, obviously.

Yet you're still unable to find any blame that should be directed at the Republicans.

Right. Because their input was refused, they were not allowed in the writing of the law, and they DID NOT VOTE FOR IT. This resulting mess was created and rammed through entirely by the Democrats. It's theirs and their mess. They are why I'm out thousands of dollars more this year than last for inferior results.

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by flyneye (#47959281) Attached to: Secret Service Critics Pounce After White House Breach

Sort of like the press, who just wrote "sprinted across the North Lawn toward the residence".
It's fairly common knowledge the President and family don't actually live in the White House.
There is an elaborate labyrinth of tunnels beneath it, leading to many points unknown. Except, I recall G.Gordon Liddy speaking of Nixon riding a golf cart back to the Watergate Hotel at the end of the day. I expect his quarters there were lavish, subterranean, secure and well kept.
I understand that Congress and the Senate also have secure basement quarters in the case of emergency.
The Secret Service are just as corrupt and fallible as any other modern enforcement agency. Why single THEM out? It's also no secret that the People know what fuck-ups they are being governed by. The majority just feel safer with their heads protected by their colons.

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by flyneye (#47959197) Attached to: NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

Not at all.
In my experience, creditors and scoundrels send certified mail.
If I do not receive an unsolicited document, perhaps they should have an officer of the court contact me.
The Peoples Court had very little to do with any actual statutes and more to do with ratings boosted via a laymans sense of right and wrong.
They can be incredulous in one hand and shit in the other, then it would benefit them to note which hand holds more.

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by ScentCone (#47958609) Attached to: Secret Service Critics Pounce After White House Breach

There was a time that a citizen could walk right up to the white house. What has changed with our society that our president needs to live in a castle with a moat and defense force?

A lot more people willing and often eager to die for the [insert crazy, often religion-based or partisan cause here] movement.

Regardless, you're making it sound like this is a recent development. This has been the case going back well over a hundred years.

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He said "[T]he people on the hotline are very helpful. I would call them up and ask about private insurance plans are in your area.

And I pointed out that nobody on the hotline is going to be able to point out an insurance plan that doesn't exist. The state regulators don't allow for magic hidden policies that are cheaper than what's been priced for the exchanges. In other words, it was a BS, fantasy suggestion.

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Who says I have meager skills or don't make a good living? I said that I make more than the amount under which the subsides kick in, and so I am in the group that has had their rates jacked up hugely in order to collect the money that is being given to the people who get the subsidies. Many many more millions of people would also be in that boat right now, but Obama unilaterally chose to break the law and push back the date at which the ACA's changes would also impact the rates paid by people who are on employer-provided insurance. He's waiting until after the upcoming election, to help struggling Democrats trying to retain legislative seats. As soon as that's past, and the illegally delayed employer program changes kick in, you'll find (at least) tens of millions more people describing exactly the scenario I have.

It's simple math: if they want to give billions of dollars of new federally mandated entitlements to one group, they have to take it from somebody else. It's the people like me who DO make a good living that are being handed that bill. Rather in contrast to Obama's promises that no such thing would happen, remember? Remember the assurance that rates would go down, and that having health insurance would be about like paying for a mobile phone account every month? Yeah. If your mobile phone costs you several hundred dollars a month, and never mind the huge new deductibles.

Comment: Re:Please describe exactly (Score 1) 358

I can't resist but to feed the troll. This guy claims to pay '$12,000/year in deductibles'

You really have no idea how individual states handle this, do you? Please go educate yourself. States that chose to set up their own markets and which regulate their own rates have nothing to do with what you're saying. All they have is the ACA forcing certain new features into the plans sold in that state, and the states set new rules in order to pay for those new federally mandated features. In this state, the ACA-mandated Bronze plan leaves you with a $6,000 deductible per person. Married? $12k.

Sorry to take the fun out of it for you.

Comment: Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 358

So, just to be clear, you have nothing of substance to say, because if you were to address the actual topic at hand, you'd have to actually answer the question:

Was the administration to incompetent that it thought the ACA web site was secure and functional before it launched, or were they simply willing to lie about it, since they knew it wasn't? It's one of those two. You just can't bring yourself around to admitting it because you're exactly the partisan whiner that you're accusing someone else of being. Typical response, though, from Obama's apologists on this: pretend everything was fine, and that the people who point out the incompetence of the administration's project (we don't even have to get into the law itself) are lying. Here's the problem with that tactic: millions of people know the web site didn't work and all sorts of third party security reviews show that it was and still is a security nightmare.

Nice attempt to change the subject, though. Probably worked really well on fellow twelve year olds.

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by flyneye (#47958377) Attached to: Is Alibaba Comparable To a US Company?

" but if the Chinese government wanted to "close the loophole" investors could be out $20B+ in a day."

          Hardly a sound thing to do if one wanted such a huge business in their economy to thrive. This scenario is akin to a runner shooting himself in the foot before a race. The $20B+ wouldn't matter as much to them as the bad press would end the confidence in a business that currently enjoys the position of being a source for
industry worldwide. Imagine, U.S.Steel absconding with their investments or ANY of the large companies on our markets, with the blessing of our government.
Where would that company be tomorrow? Not selling steel, that's for damn sure. That would be the job of a trusted competitor.
Conceptual thinking, like environmental modeling, is usually the victim of having included far too little criteria to land an answer anywhere near accuracy.

Comment: Re:Style (Score 1) 108

by flyneye (#47958309) Attached to: Is Alibaba Comparable To a US Company?

I interpret the question to have an answer as follows;
Owning a share of Alibaba is a sound investment that will produce good returns for both company and investor, but, owning a share of Apple is aiding and abetting an enemy of the people, rational thought and good computing.
I wonder that he could not have come up with a better example than Apple, except that his conscience was pricking him that something with this concept was horribly wrong.

So... did you ever wonder, do garbagemen take showers before they go to work?