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Comment CS != Programming (Score 1) 936

I'm sorry, but CS isn't programming. You might use topics from CS in order to program well, but being a "good programmer" does not, in my eyes, make you good at computer science. Maybe I'm up on a high horse or something, but CS is about theory (making it applied math, for the most part). Everything else is either software engineering or system administration. You don't need a CS degree to run an IT help desk: That's something you could pick up the skills for on-the-job. You can start working on developing a working knowledge of a particular language in a short time period (actually understanding the ins and outs will take time, but probably more time than you could have spent getting your "CS" degree in the first place). If you understand what's going at a very abstract level, it's easy to write good code, regardless of the language. It also means you probably have great analytical skills (which make you great for all kinds of work, like quant. funds). If you only can crank out half-baked code, you might not appreciate the theory behind it all. Maybe I'm biased because my CS degree's from a place whose CS majors end up going to grad school, work for a hedge fund, or go work for Google, but it's at least shown me that CS != Programming

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