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Comment Re:Teensy 3.1 (Score 1) 25

You just put the whole teensy on your breadboard, just like the way you would normally get an Arduino on a breadboard; you get an Arduino Nano. You can get them from China for less than $4, if you don't mind getting a knockoff.

Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 1) 110

I had a 4 processor ARM workstastion with NT. it was the most unstable piece of shit ever made. Windows NT for ARM was so half assed it barely ran, but it had an advantage, it was mostly hacker proof and served as a gateway to our SCADA system back then. Virus proof, hacker proof for the most part as the only break in we had they kept trying to run X86 executables on it. after that we used a single direction ethernet cable to make it completely hacker proof. Yes, 100% hacker proof. the best hackers on the planet can not defeat the security of a unidirectional ethernet cable. (RX wires snipped, TX only and all data sent to the office systems was UDB broadcast.)

Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 1) 110

And nobody will buy them. There is a buttload of cheap china windows 8 surface tablet clone out there that are cheap, and they run linux very well and easily. so nobody in their right mind would buy a arm based android tablet. you want to stick with something that is far morepower and power sippy like what all the current android tablets use.

Comment Re:Android's Achilles Heel (Score 2) 153

People have been filing bugs to the Android team over this issue since 2011 and it has never been addressed, and the newer bugs keep getting pushed to lower and lower priority.

I'm really starting to get pissed at this tendency. They let bugs that lots of people care about persist forever. For instance, there are actually two active bugs for pinless bluetooth pairing. This is a problem that actually predates gingerbread.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 367

You've never been on mass transit and been forced to be near people who (1) stink to high heaven, (2) are drunk, or (3) loud and threatening? If you haven't, then now you know why a lot of people avoid the bus. Your car might sit in traffic but at least you're not sweating, listening to obnoxious music. etc.

Oh, and by the way, the classicism(sic) is all on your side, buddy. Who's looking down their nose at the rest of us for failing to uphold moral standards he himself has set? Yeah, that's the pot calling the kettle black, pal.

Comment Re:I don't think it will mean much (Score 1) 202

"Meat stock, you're revving up a slippery slope. I'm overriding that shit."

Meat stock? That's only after you're in a severe crash, and all that's left of you is soup. Anyway, traction control is awesome. If you have some actual traction to work with, and your TC is four-wheel, then it is ridiculously great.

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