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Comment: Re:Complaining when you got what you asked for (Score 2, Informative) 382

by penfold69 (#27550973) Attached to: Time Warner Transfer Caps May Inspire Fair-Price Legislation

One of the tech gurus at my local ISP posted an excellent thread which details how UK ISP's are charged for their bandwidth.

It is certainly UK specific, but it does go into some depth as to how and why there are bandwidth limitations on ISP services in the UK. By far and away the most expensive part of the connection is between the Customer and the ISP, and not between the ISP and the Internet.

The blog post is available here. Makes for some interesting reading.


+ - Suggestions for Email Retention software

Submitted by penfold69
penfold69 (471774) writes "I've recently been investigating methods of archiving our email and making it readily searchable, mainly from a business perspective.

As we're in the UK, the SOX legislation does not apply. However, it is frequently useful for us to be able to perform searches across email accounts to find communication between our company and our customers/suppliers.

Our mail system is based on CentOS4.4, running Postfix (with SA and Clam) and Dovecot.

I'm looking for advice on the best way to integrate an automatic archiving solution. Some basic requirements are:

Completely transparent to the end user
Searchable metadata, including subject, recipients, sender, content, and possibly even attachments
Multiple access levels (for example, users could search their own mailboxes, and management can search their department)
Optional Authentication hooks to OpenLDAP (our main authentication system is centralised)
Web-based access

Has any of the Slashdot crowd managed to create their perfect archiving compliance system?"

With your bare hands?!?