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Comment this is familiar (Score 1) 109

I remember reading a book some 10-15 years ago where a statement read something along the lines of:
"The history is riddled with people who made discoveries and people who took credit for them"
But I can't remember the blimmin name of the book! A brief history of time isn't, a history of nearly everything isn't either...
Does anyone know what book I'm talking about?

Comment well (Score 0) 418

I spoke to a friend who is in ultra-high-end business about those cd transports and how can one sound better than the other (he's not stupid) and after a while we came to the conclusion (well I did anyway, he knew this) that it all boils down to jitter and real-time error correction. Even nowdays if you wish to rip a cd that's as clean as possible you have to do multipass read with that german free software I forgot what it's called now. And these expensive cd transports do it in real time. Hence the price tag. I believe silver wire ethernet cable will be better and super quality rj45 will contribute in some miniscule way to fewer error corrections on layer 1, bit $10k worth? Don't think so.

Comment wait (Score 1) 233

Your glance IS superficial. It takes at least 2-3-6 months toget a (basic) grasp of any project and figuring out what needs to be removed in that period is a waste of time. You will find you need to re-implement most of the "crap" you removed in the first place. So patience is your friend. Look, learn, study and then after you know pretty much all code paths decide what can and cannot be refactored, if anything. Good luck!

Submission + - Google doodle on 42? (fortytwoday.com)

pele writes: With all those doodles Google has been making, what doodle did they put up today, to mark 42?
Exactly none. And why, considering that the 2nd greatest computer of all time has come up with it?

Submission + - Alien hunters plan to supercharge search for ET (silicon.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The Seti Institute's research director Jill Tarter talks about how telescope array and supercomputer upgrades will help the institute search for evidence of alien life in the vicinity of at least one million stars over the next 10 years — 500 times more than have been examined in the past.

Inkscape 0.47 Released 225

derrida writes "After over a year of intensive development and refactoring, Inkscape 0.47 is out. This version of the SVG-based vector graphics editor brings improved performance and tons of new features, including: timed autosave, Spiro splines, auto-smooth nodes, Eraser tool, new modes in Tweak tool, snapping options toolbar & greater snapping abilities, new live path effects (including Envelope), over 200 preset SVG filters, new Cairo-based PS and EPS export, spell checker, many new extensions, optimized SVG code options, and much more. Additionally, it would be wrong to not mention the hundreds of bug fixes. Check out the full release notes for more information about what has changed, enjoy the screenshots, or just jump right to downloading your package for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X." We've been following the progress of Inkscape for years (2006, 2005, 2004).

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