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Comment: Re:Ain't freedom a bitch... (Score 3, Interesting) 551 551

Excellent point, open and free but only in the way he sees freedom... We are talking about the man who is insisting to call Linux, GNU/Linux and likes to flame people for speaking up their minds, with different world visions...

Comment: Re:Thank the Mozilla Foundation (Score 1) 155 155

It was fortunate for me then; I have uninstalled Mozilla some time back due to both problems during the installation of Adblock plus and serious performance issues, especially on Google services that I use extensively... I realized that only thing that is not irreplaceable in Mozilla (aside from buggy sync of bookmarks) was GreaseMonkey, which was not vital...

Comment: Re:Yep, that is what I need to do! (Score 2) 214 214

I could not make myself to throw away my SyncMaster 793. Also it is either a very lucky piece of equipment or something dark is going on around. Whenever I went to a shop looking for a replacement, something bizarre (simplest of all shopping mall to be closed in the midday etc.) happens...

Comment: Re:Then don't sign the contract (Score 1) 189 189

It is general practice in OEM/ODM manufacturing that the buyer decides methods of production, especially QA and even logistics, maybe even HR... It is the sole responsibility of manufacturer to decide the situation is viable or not. They can either choose to go with the deal or not. It is their (claimed only in this case) expertise in the first place which attracts buyer to their facility. If they are not able to see or tell the problems in the business model on table it is their fault not to make corrections before the problems' occurrence.

Comment: Re:Who're you bullshitting? (Score 1) 61 61

Unlike you I will express my views not behind the AC, you fucking moron... There are several reasons, most discussed in /. in detail, so one is expected to know at least some like losing control of clear text configuration details and losing access to clear text log files.

Comment: Re:Goddamn it! (Score 2) 276 276

Unfortunately that was the case in my time. I should know that, as I was on the list of Cisco Certified SalesPro and SupoortPro trainers, with permission to establish a lab for certification of said *Pro people. I am sure whatever certifications you have are of far more better quality, this is the basis of Cisco training program.

Cisco certification is better than MS and Check Point is better than Cisco AFAIK, with a serious margin of error, based on territory and certification authority. Again this is my (unfortunately true and based on facts) view. Your take naturally can be different, but BS is one of the most effective tools of trade in commercial certification. That is why we still have universities...

Comment: Re:Goddamn it! (Score 2) 276 276

This is unfortunately true for most certification programs. In Cisco SupportPro training (1996 I guess) I remember some of my classmates' points was better in the exam performed before training than the certification exam. That was because, in the first exam they used a simple criteria that "which answer is most costly and Cisco friendly", but in the actual exam they tried to use the training material they were given...

Comment: Re:How about we hackers? (Score 1) 863 863

In early 90's it was necessary to recompile Ultrix Kernel when you have added a new SCSI on the external bus. It was an improvement to the competition that must not be named, as you could do the compilation on premises without paying a licence fee tor the C compiler... If you do not like the heritage we have in Unix, you can switch to the popular OS that is based on VMS...

Comment: Re:How about we hackers? (Score 4, Interesting) 863 863

As I've said on many occasions, I've had race conditions completely stop boot scripts in their tracks before (pre-upstart RHEL). Any talk of a binary log is a red herring, plain and simple.

Saying, on many occasions, that you cannot manage and modify your startup scripts by hand for boot problem prevention, hardly qualify you as an adviser on system management issues.

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