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Comment: I hope Tor runs away as fast as it can (Score 3, Insightful) 123

I've worked with the IETF on several RFCs. I'm also familiar with the challenges that the Tor project faces daily, and what they have to do to stay ahead of the entities trying to break Tor. I think for Tor to even stop to talk to the IETF would be an waste of their time; Tor needs to be nimble, and the IETF standards process is painfully, horribly slow and unable to move quickly on anything. Given that Tor releases updates on a cycle that is shorter than the normal time a draft spends in the AD review queue, by the time an RFC got to the standards track it would already be out-of-date.

Comment: Re:Adverts (Score 2) 43

by pedantic bore (#43816443) Attached to: Google Plans Wireless Networks In Emerging Markets

Exactly my thought. The profit margins for Google are never going to be higher than they are right now -- the next billion people aren't going to be able to afford the $150 jeans Google is showing me ads for... and the billion after that are going to be even poorer. When you're wondering where your next meal is coming from, you probably aren't going to spend a lot of time on Google+.

The idea that Google is going to make money on subscription services is dubious. It's a business model (hello, AOL!) that doesn't work, even in markets that actually have money to spend on such things.

Comment: Re:Kinda Risky.... (Score 1) 680

by pedantic bore (#38168686) Attached to: In Australia, Immunize Or Lose Benefits

Couple the heavy vaccination schedule with advances in food safety and constant household cleaning; these kids might have little besides flu and rhinovirus to train their immune systems, and that doesn't seem like a sustainable course.

You don't seem to understand that "training their immune systems" is exactly what immunizations do.

Comment: Re:So (Score 5, Funny) 680

by pedantic bore (#38168658) Attached to: In Australia, Immunize Or Lose Benefits

We are actively changing the fitness function for diseases to include "must be resistant to antibiotics, must be resistant to antivirals, must be able to infect even immunised people, etc", this will inevitably lead to bugs that fulfil these criteria... eventually.

By this logic, we should be expecting bullet-proof cattle and thresher-proof wheat any day now, not to mention hook-resistant fish and armored potatoes...

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