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Comment Re:Deconstructing diversity in tech (Score 1) 688

My argument is:

Women occupy "the center" of "the ladder". There's a few at the top, percentage wise less than men, but they're well established at the top as CEO's board members, elected officials etc... There's next to none at the very bottom, an area all but exclusively occupied by men. In the middle women get preferential treatment to men due to government pushes.

Why aren't people bitching women aren't at the very bottom also? If they really want equality they will want to be equal across the entire spectrum, not just the middle and top. Women not wanting to do open source where the door is literally open to anyone who wants to help from anywhere with an Internet connection, and in the case of OLPC's and the like even open to those who don't is not the fault of men. It is because women aren't doing it.

It is dishonest to say they want equality then not take the bottom rung too.

Stop pointing the finger at men when women chose not to do something.

I have shoveled shit, painted fences, picked cantaloupe, chopped weeds, washed cars, and moved furniture myself. I know what the workplaces are like, is it up to men to soften up or women to toughen up? I've worked with women that had toughen up and were worse than the men, they all hold a special place in my heart and I respect them greatly for it. I can't wrap my head around the concept of expecting the entire world to change to accommodate the incompatibilities of a few unwilling individuals because another part of the society thinks those unwilling individuals need to be in positions they're incompatible with. The case of open source, being so accepting and wide open proves my point, not the other way around.

Comment Watch what happens in a month - (Score 4, Insightful) 86

this story is forgotten, swept under the rug, no longer referenced.

Just as suddenly as it appeared in the news, it disappears from the news and our short memories caused by modern low attention-span media causes us to forget.

Then the parallel construction and misuse of data will continue.

Just like everyone has forgotten about the persecution of real reporters that began in 08 and was heavily reported on for a short time. We still have mainstream news that's a result of what happened back then, but no mention of that fact.

Just like everyone forgets about the global cooling scare that was a big deal in the 70's and still covered in the 80's.

Just like everyone forgets about the various legal entities that have found "the smoking gun" and plan to go after the administration or some other powerful organization, never to hear anything more about it past the initial breaking news stories.

This one will fall off the earth too.

Comment Re:Love of Music (Score 1) 37

Down mod.

I modded it down because it looked like spam at first. After modding I got curious and clicked the link, I found that it actually was on topic.

I take my modding duties seriously and don't mod as a joke, which I'm pretty sure I saw someone else doing last time I had points, I mean the other guy countered my down mod of the "brought to you by the Golden Girls" post. Usually I don't have misfires like this one, but I'm human.

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