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by pecosdave (#47984861) Attached to: Physicist Claims Black Holes Mathematically Don't Exist

Microscopic invisible critters living on magnets shoot out invisible rubber band tethered harpoons at anything metal they see nearby. These beings are known as Magtonians. They feed on metal, but since they're microscopic you'll never actually see the damage. You can prove this by holding a magnet in your fingers and getting it close the metal, you can feel the rubber bands stretch and snap as you move the magnet close to metal and pulling it away. Some of the Magtonians can shoot their harpoons further than the others, that's why the pull increases as you get the two objects nearer to one another. More Magtonians successfully launch and attach the closer the magnet gets to metal.

There's another interesting fact about Magtonians. The males live on one side of the magnet, and the females on the other. However when the two are separated the females stay on one side and the males on the other. They're horny little bastards. This is why the pull of the harpoons are stronger when you use two magnets instead of just metal as both genders are launching their harpoons towards the others land.

Magtonians are not gay however and don't like the introduction of other Magtonians of their own sex into their group. When you try to introduce two male sided Magnets to one another or two female sided magnets to one another instead of harpoons they will try to keep themselves apart by extending poles pushing the two magnets apart. This is where the term "polarity" comes from. These crafty Magtonians are even fairly good at flipping the opposing magnet over with their harpoons and poles. Try it, try setting one disk magnet on top of the other with same sex sides facing, they will usually flip in mid air pole induced flip then quickly harpoon together.

Rubbing a magnet on a piece of metal will cause some of the Magtonians to fall off off and take up new residence on their food source, thus creating a new home for them and turning what was once a simple piece of metal into a new magnet.

Comment: If you like old-style arcade games, (Score 1) 382

by pecosdave (#47776743) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

Modern awesome ones to have (not going to name super obvious classics or reading other comments first):

Beat Hazard has everything that was great about old arcade games made for a modern systems and interlaced with music you provide.

I consider World of Goo to be a must-have.

As for social meat-space games Cards Against Humanity is a favorite, but not exactly for all company.

One of my favorite board games as a kid isn't being produced anymore and I can't think of another that screams it needs to be considered so, meh.

Comment: That Wii-U shot looks sabotaged. (Score 1) 167

It looks to me like they intentionally darkened the image of the WiiU output. I have the Mario Classics collection (basically Mario All Stars) on my Wii, it looks beautiful on my 36" CRT, and I put the virtual console version of the original Super Mario Brothers on my parents Wii, again, looks great on their 60" LCD, other than some aspect ratio induced bad feelings.

Of course advertising materials have a reason to push for their product instead of virtual console.

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Fanboy, I don't here any really we'll reasoned arguments here, just a bunch of Apple defense. Are you telling me we should go back to COM and LPT ports because those extra wires are there for a reason? Are you going to tell me a comparability checker program is impossible because of support costs? Are you going to tell me the "at your own risk against our advisory" upgrades like the Android community does would break Apple?

Go use your phone with the hole in the cover so the logo shows somewhere else, real tech people are having a conversation here.

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by pecosdave (#47755369) Attached to: 3 Years In, a "B" For Tim Cook's Performance at Apple

FYI, my company recently purchased a half dozen 4K Dell monitors for our Mac users. They usually growl at us when we walk in with a piece of Dell equipment (since most of our users are fanboys) but are praising us by the time we leave. They are chainable, I discovered this by plugging the computer into the out port by mistake. As far as I know chaining is part of the Display Port spec, and there's no such thing as a Thunderbolt monitor, but I've been wrong before.

They were about $500 each, way less than Apple

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The thing about these UNIX based system in the modern era - system requirements can actually go down between releases. Draw lines where they need to be, with real specs, not age. I'm running a five year old system at home more powerful than a lot of new stuff, it just takes a little more electricity to run that quad core 64bit Athlon 64 with 8 GB of RAM than if I were to build it today. Apples hardware in the Mac Pro line of the same era had the same type of power my home built system does. Age of hardware makes little to no sense, you're just a fanboy defending your religious icon.

Dare I say it - they could adopt something along the lines of the Windows Score Microsoft has been using. Run the "score card" app on your hardware before upgrading to see if upgrading is for you.

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Otherwise regular USB would be "good enough" like it has been for the past decade.

I don't know how you can look at a Mini USB 3.0 and say that. It's nearly as wide as the old style Apple connector, no USB really did need a Thunderbolt or better treatment, and I hope they stick with it for a while.

Comment: As a non-fanboy I like the Cook Apple better. (Score 5, Insightful) 90

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I use Apple products, but I'm by no means a fanboy, as my signature suggest (fanboys should NEVER have mod-points). I support Apple products at work, use a 27" iMac at work (which I rather like, and I've put TotalTerminal and other utils on to make it more Linux-like and comfortable for me), and I've got a work iPad 2, all of which I like.

I'm actually a Linux/Android guy.

Why I like Apple better under cook:

Less lawsuits. They're slowly settling/arbitrating old ones and filing less new ones. I developed a deep hatred of Apple under Jobs due to his temper-tantrums and deep ingrained need to shit in everyone else's punch bowls.

I'm seeing less new intenentional handicaps of their own products, and some of the old ones are getting less rigid (iOS is becoming slightly less user-hostile).

They've finally declared hardware the source of their profits and allowed free upgrades to the OS. (I refuse to use the nomenclature of "Free Operating System" that's been used here on Slashdot too damned many time to describe Mavericks since it's still tied to a mandatory purchase to run it)

What Apple still needs to work on:

Drop all user hostility - make so people can release source code for iOS apps they write. Stop attempting to strong-arm exclusivity out of the iOS platform.

USB-C connectors are on their way, go with those. All the advantages of your Lightning cables but not "just ours".

Give me an editable path bar I can enable (it can be off by default) like every other OS. As a tech moving around yoru file system is more of a pain than it's worth. Don't spout anything at me about using muCommander or something, I'm a tech, I support other peoples stuff and I don't want to install crap or run utilities that have to be imported somehow every time I sit at a different system.

Drop the artificial restrictions on OS updates "when it was manufactured" isn't a good yard-stick for install eligibility and everyone knows it. Those Mac Pros that are six months too old to run Mavericks are more than capable of doing so and everyone knows it, it just makes you look like a bunch of pricks by barring install.

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