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Comment: Good, I'm tired of removing the crap. (Score 2) 210

by pecosdave (#49149581) Attached to: Lenovo Saying Goodbye To Bloatware

They make great hardware, but getting rid of Nitro PDF is particularly annoying, it UAC's more than once, plus Sugar Sync, which even having on our systems violates a client agreement. Crapware needs to die, and die now. I do my best to work from a factory image, hardware seems to be so much easier to deal with that way, but Lenovo makes it quite an annoyance.

Comment: Re:Of course the FCC wants net neutrality - (Score 1) 255

by pecosdave (#48767737) Attached to: FCC Favors Net Neutrality

It has nothing to do with packet discrimination and everything to do with being in control. Best case scenario is having such a plethora of providers to pick from that garbage can be avoided easily. Right now the carriers lobby and receive regulation that prevents competition which creates the illusion that laws need to be passed to protect consumers from packet discrimination. In reality if you got rid of competition barriers carriers would be afraid to throttle because they know we'll pack up our bits and move.

Comment: Of course the FCC wants net neutrality - (Score 1) 255

by pecosdave (#48765683) Attached to: FCC Favors Net Neutrality

The arguments being made for Net Neutrality are not for Neutrality but control. The Pro "Neutrality" angle is a government dominated Internet, the anti-Neutrality angle is a corporate dominated one. There's not much of a difference considering how hard it is to tell the difference between the two. Real net neutrality is a level playing field without government protectionism (which we have tons of at the moment) and the ability to purchase whatever we want and there's real repercussions for companies that attempt to fuck over the users because the users have another option.

Comment: Re:thatsracist.gif (Score 1) 448

by pecosdave (#48763703) Attached to: Unbundling Cable TV: Be Careful What You Wish For

Wait - you're still stalking me? My personal racist caller, always figured you found something better to do with your life.

I guess working for a self proclaimed Hispanic company doesn't dull that attack any - no sir! Couldn't possibly have anything to do with 12 Spanish channels my family and I have no interest in being crammed into the lowest tier while stuff like the NASA channel which is free in every way but cable tier is one up.

If anything the cable company is racist - Hispanics get everything on the lowest tier while the majority English speakers have to pay extra to get something other than Home Shopping Networks and MSNBC along with some useless local stations.

Comment: Cable service is already shitty. (Score 3, Interesting) 448

by pecosdave (#48757713) Attached to: Unbundling Cable TV: Be Careful What You Wish For

And it's just getting worse. There's been articles here on Slashdot about how carriers "tune" channels for quality on the shared data pipe. SciFi, Discovery, the nature type channels that all benefit the most from good quality get the low tuned down shit, but never mind, the Home Shopping Network is always 1080P and max bps.

I haven't had cable of my own or satellite in years and I frankly don't miss it. Every time I'm at a friends or relatives and I see definitive examples of said channel tuning and all the Spanish networks being on the lowest paid for tier while even channels that are free streaming over the web and on terrestrial satellite being on upper tiers it doesn't soften my feelings towards cable companies.

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