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Comment: Re:One thing I can say about John Cornyn - (Score 1) 56

by pecosdave (#49594579) Attached to: US Senate Targets Patent Trolls

I hadn't kept up with Gohmert all that much. I did some homework on him last night and this morning.

Not near the level of stupid as Sheila Jackson Lee.

400 year old constitution, talking about North and South Vietnam and their place in the world of politics, says she's a freed slave, wants TSA on buses, not to mention outright racist rants and abuse of her own office staff. Gohmert screwed up on the balanced budget amendment, said some hilarious things about caribou, and has made some other screw ups, but isn't even playing in the same foam-lined playground as Sheila Jackson Lee.

Comment: "lived out high democratic ideals" (Score 1) 489

by pecosdave (#49437293) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"

"unknown cameramen and women lived out high democratic ideals"

What's recording someone being an ass-hat have to do with being democratic? Recording people is being used by people of every though process - right or wrong it's blackmail, in this case I consider it "good blackmail" - we're blackmailing those who "enforce the law" into complying with the law, the same way they record us to prove when we weren't. Blackmail is more or less a universal trait that bridges every political ideology, except maybe the most enlightened ones that will never gain traction because they lack the necessary evil to gain mass adoption.

Comment: Re:Well no shit! (Score 1) 232

by pecosdave (#49302989) Attached to: FTC: Google Altered Search Results For Profit

I just did the search again, you're right.

I did a search for another of my annoyances "Bluetooth Mouse", three of the first six were actually Bluetooth, quite an improvement, I must applaud them. I typed "HTC M8" and Firephone wasn't even on the first page. I assure you this change is within the past couple of months.

Comment: Re:Thanks to the Humble Bundle (Score 1) 192

by pecosdave (#49241613) Attached to: Steam On Linux Now Has Over a Thousand Games Available

I tend to play "other than" AAA titles. Even stuff I get "working" tends to be buggy and I have to kill the processes manually quite often, not to mention all of the X-server restarts and resized I have to do when things head south. I just don't have that many hours to fine tune everything to make it reasonably stable.

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