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Comment Re:Sounds like a psycopath. (Score 1) 486

If you are arguing that encryption may or may not be an offensive tool, then you have already lost the argument. Everyone who actually use encryption knowa it is a defensive tool. Those who want to protect us would support encryption. Those who oppose encryption for any reason desire to make you and your property weak and desire you to be robbed and victimized.

Comment STOP (Score 1) 291

There is an assumption that with enough information we can foresee the future to avoid or stop these types of events.

Does anyone believe that?

And who cares whether encryption was used or not. Its a good tool with a useful and legal purpose. And nobody was harmed by the use of encryption. Criminals use all kinds of tools including, crowbars, phones, cars, running shoes... all of which assist them in the crime.

Comment Re:Old (Score 1) 628

I am a creative writer. Like a fine artist or a serious music composer I will not be displaced easily.

In the future, we will all be poets and artists.

You are in a growth industry. If torrent sites are able to crush the distrubution networks and direct to consumer distribution takes over, then you should have a bright future. I think we may all be joining you some day.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 221

It would have been curious to see how many people didn't go see the movie out of fear for the worst.

... or how many would not see it simply because the movie was "crap". As stated in many private emails between Sony exec's.

I would have been curious to see how many people DID see the movie out of fear of submitting to fear.

Comment Re:The levels of collusion are immense (Score 1) 343

The US government needs a scape goat. We live in a time where digital protection is largely avoided and even mandated away by law. Government agencies would like its people to believe that encryption in everyday computing is too difficult and will largely support criminal networks who wish to remain hidden. IMO: They say this in order to make their own investigations easier to accomplish and potential future domestic threats (like popular uprisings) easier to control. So if the blame for this and other hacks can be largely blamed on the government itself, by not encouraging and sponsoring corporate and personal encryption in our daily digital lives.

The current government seems to focus on catching criminals and finding people guilty... rather than protecting the innocent. Whereas, the innocent is the majority. I would much rather have a govenment interested in protecting my privacy, rather than one trying to catch those who violated it.

I do not believe that the Sony Hack came from N Korea. I have no way of knowing. But I suspect the actual perps remain unknown. But this is not good PR for a government who already has the all-seeing-eye across its own nation. It needs to defend this ability in order to keep it. So it picks and blames a group for this hack that we are already told to hate... a terrorist nation... a nation we would never believe anything they say, so they can never defend any false allegations. The last thing the government needs is a news story admitting that even with all the surveillance we allow our own government, that they cannot determine the source of such a large hack. So N Korea is a safe and easy pick and the movie they we about to release fits this lie so well.

I would support any leadership that endeavours to make privacy a right. A good first step would be to outlaw storage of unencrypted private communications and ensure the keys are only available to the issuing and receiving parties. Also, issue government signed personal and individual encryption keys... so I could say... prove my identity online and talk to a lawyer over email without fear of interception by some mail storage company.

Comment Re:The data rate (Score 1) 90

If you are found to be using encryption you become interesting. Create too much interest and your computer gets a visit?

So the reason to not use encryption is because someone may think you have something to hide? So your suggestion is that we should make sure our privacy is easily invaded so that it will not be targetted specifically at some later time?

Are you suggesting that I should not lock my home or car trunk because a would be theif would then suspect that I have valuables to hide inside?

Our private communications are valuable. Goverment agencies (theives) prove this when they pay millions of pounds to the telecomunication companies to steal it.

The truth is... we all have something to hide. We are all things of value and we all deserve protection. Suggesting we should not protect ourselves because it may draw attention to those who wish to steal from us... it's bad advice.

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