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Comment: "because it encourages more sales of Windows 8"... (Score 1) 237

by peacefool (#45069227) Attached to: Nvidia Removed Linux Driver Feature For Feature Parity With Windows
The first ddg search "Windows 8 sales" got me here:
PC Sales Plunge Due To Windows 8: Report - The Huffington Post

- Looks like if mass consumer "is given the choice" of having a windows 8 PC only or NOT having a PC overall, he prefers NOT having a PC at all (and goes now for something completely different, ie some tablet /mobile phone /PC-on-a-Stick instead))

Comment: Re: no one would know... (Score 1) 96

by peacefool (#42808561) Attached to: Google Announces 2,000 Schools Now Use Chromebooks, Up 100% In 3 Months
A software company chief research officer reassures the AC, that "if you go and buy a color laser printer from any major laser printer manufacturer [nowadays] and print a page, that page will end up having slight yellow dots printed on every single page in a pattern which makes the page unique to you and to your printer.", "Mikko Hypponen: Three types of online attack".

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