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Comment Re: switched to the Euro, prices jumped (Score 1) 430

I can confirm this fact (or opinion): that was the same I heard last yeah when travelling to Croatia, which is in the process of integration into EU: prices tend to jump to higher EU level, wages - not so much.

Same story in Finland:
they say, a cup of coffee was something around 1.5-2 Finnish marks (before switch to euro), now it's at least 2€ (http://keskustelu.suomi24.fi/t/10766202/mitahan-se-kahvikupponen).
5-6 times increase...

Comment Re:What do you expect? (Score 1) 367

RE: "It is not intended for normal use and it is not intended for production environments."
- MS Windows Vista time is over, cmo!
MS Windows 7 time is over, cmo!
MS Windows 8 time is over, cmo!
Get over it. They are not intended for normal use and nor intended for production environments.


- Ms Win 10? Mmmm, GOODIE!!!

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