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Comment Re:Trend towards illegibility (Score 1) 97

Well, sure .. that's likely. Probable I'd even say ... with the caveat they specifically selected the one which I'd hate the most. ;-)

It just boggles the mind, it used to present as a nice, neat table, which conveyed all information succinctly in one screen, in a way not unlike how an accountant would present it.

Now I have to look all over the place scroll, and click twice as many things, and search among a bunch of clutter and pastel colors. Like that makes sense or adds to the usefulness.

Over 20 years ago a friend said HTML had set back user interface design by 20 years ... the astounding thing is, every few years it keeps making them worse.

Comment Re:Trend towards illegibility (Score 5, Insightful) 97

Did we mention the whitespace?

Because I see the trend to add a half an inch of space around everything to make a layout suitable for ... well, I don't know what actually. Not reading, that's for sure.

My bank recently changed the layout of their web pages ... I used to be able to see all of my accounts on one screen. And suddenly I have to scroll the damned page to read the exact same amount of information on a 23" monitor.

I think "webmasters" just continue to have no fucking idea about readability and functionality, and instead just do what all the other idiots are doing.

Just an endless series of things in which all pieces of text get so much personal space as to be absurd.

They're all taking plays out of the same book, I just can't figure out what the hell it's supposed to be making better ... well, I strongly suspect it's everyone optimizing for tablets and not caring how shitty it looks on everything else.

Comment Re:familiar (Score 1) 76

Well, it's the more generalized problem of Melted Pizza Cheese.

That freshly delivered pie will strip all the flesh from the roof of your mouth, and you should probably leave it to sit for a few minutes. You won't, but you should.

Cheese forms a super-heated semi-fluid capable of delivering FAR more heat than its thermal mass should allow.

You could cauterize wounds with fresh melted cheese from pizza.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 184

Yes, they need a job ... boo hoo.

So many of them are utterly outright fraudulent I have no sympathy for any of them.

The Microsoft Support? The air duct cleaning? Rachael from cardholder services? That cruise I supposedly won? The people calling to say I owe tax money or will go to court? That opinion poll I have no way of knowing is real?

Sorry, all of these things means I simply can't expend the time to give a shit about the feelings of some random telemarketer, since I have no way of knowing (or caring) if they're yet another fraudulent asshole, or just some poor schmuck trying to earn a living.

If I have a business relationship with you, send it to me via mail, in an official company envelope on official company paper ... if I don't have a business relationship with you I'm not prepared to invest any energy in pretending I don't assume you're running a scam.

So, I can't spend the effort to feel sorry for the honest ones, because they've been drowned out in a sea of lying bastards.

Feeling sorry for them is simply no longer possible.

Comment Re:Precise? (Score 1, Informative) 76

No, "more accurate" would be correct ... an exact temperature would be "precise".

That's kinda-precise-ish in a vague hand-wavy kind of way. Kind of the opposite of "precise".

"around 80 million degrees Celsius, to be precise" is sure as hell NOT precise.

That could be +- 5 million degrees and still be "around".

Comment Re:This is completely awesome (Score 2) 76

Please, you won't get an energy independent world. You'll have patent holders demanding $1 trillion dollars to power your country. And the distribution companies. And of course the competing distribution companies people will open up to allow for false competition and preventing a natural monopoly.

It's a nice idea, but if you think the world is suddenly going to become a place with unlimited free power, you're sorely missing how badly the corporations will fight to stop that from ever happening.

I mean, that would be communism, and communism would be evil.

Don't get me wrong, this is completely awesome. I just don't think it would ever be allowed to undercut a model in which a series of middlemen charge you their cut to deliver something which they get for free.

You don't maintain shareholder value giving stuff away for free, and it's ALL about shareholder value.

And there's way too many entities who will want to get their beak wet to think you'll see much different than you see now.

Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 4, Insightful) 184

The bot is designed not just to reroute the callers, but to frustrate them and waste their time, as well.

Oh, I don't know ... wasting their resources and annoying the hell out of them if you can sounds way cooler.

So much telemarketing is just spam these days, and the companies who rely on it bought exemptions so the same people in the same call centers could call us with both "real" bullshit as well as the fully scam bullshit. Between that and the laundry list of exemptions, it's not like do not call lists work.

If you can fuck up the business model and tie up their resources, maybe that will help get rid of more of it. And, really, where I live I have apparently called myself on numerous occasions with spam calls, despite me telling myself to stop doing that.

I doubt your caller id blocker can fix the problem of carefully crafted fake caller ID which looks like a local call.

What needs to happen is stop the stupid exemption for fake caller ID to allow corporations to use those call centers in the first place. If you don't have a real, verifiable caller ID, your call gets dropped in the system.

I don't care if your business model is having someone call me from Bangladesh ... not my fucking problem.

Comment Re:Getting away with it? (Score 1) 287

Yeah, well, you'll excuse me if I don't think in a few years they'll be able to use copyright law, the DMCA/TPP, and EULAs to close that loophole.

Just like how the printer companies want you locked in as a revenue stream, you can bet your ass lawyers are standing by trying to figure out how.

And you can also bet politicians who are bought and paid for will deliver it to them. Because all signs point towards idiot politicians signing over everything to corporate interests to line their own fucking pockets.

Laws to protect consumers? No fucking way.

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