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Comment: Re:My experience: (Score 1) 347

by pctainto (#32621428) Attached to: Best Browser For Using Complex Web Applications?

If you don't want to learn Prawn and are more comfortable with HTML, use something like PDFKit, which is a wrapper around wkhtmltopdf, which basically just packages WebKit for PDF printing. You'll be able to use CSS3 and other niceties and it'll be consistent, since it's creating a pdf. Perhaps you can do better things with Prawn, but I guarantee that writing moderately complex reports will be easier with PDFKit then with Prawn.

Comment: Re:Don't take freedom for granted (Score 3, Informative) 521

by pctainto (#26127039) Attached to: Wiretap Whistleblower, a Life in Limbo?

Get your facts straight. The legal justification was not written by the Clinton Justice department. Most, if not all, of the legal justification was done by John Yoo (in the Office of Legal Counsel) and David Addington (Cheney's legal counsel, now chief of staff). They were the people who empowered the NSA, the Justice Department and the President to act so egregiously.

Comment: RTFA! Google Video Will Still Host Content! (Score 5, Informative) 119

by pctainto (#17755962) Attached to: Google Video Becomes Search-Only, YouTube Holds Content
Google Video is not going away! All they're doing is adding YouTube results to the search results when you search Google Video. Their plan is to at some point incorporate other video websites so that Google Video is not just a place to view videos, but also the one place to search for videos. at-google-video-and-youtube.html

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