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Comment Re:He can tell us, he just chooses not to (Score 2) 107

I have often wondered why the senators who say you don't know half the danger don't just get off their ass and tell us? I usually think that they are political creatures, sometime of the weakest sort. They know that Assange and Snowden kicked up a shit storm and had to be expelled from the political conversion by establishment. If they told it all on the floor of the House or Senate they would be bullied out of office and never get the cushy jobs of ex-politicos. You are talking bout people that are on the phone every week raising money for the next run. They are conformable talking to people that can afford to give five thousand dolllars so they can collect a small favor from their congressman if the need may arise. These kind of people who think that their salary of $174,000 is far too little. They should be paid millions and they deserve the cushy job once they decide to retire from the senate.

The answer to the question is they have been domesticated by the rich donors. They want to collect from the donors one last time after they retire. They will not do anything that could mess up the final retirement fund.

There is very little future in being right when your boss is wrong.