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Comment: Re:Sounds like (Score 1) 140

by pazu (#39548993) Attached to: 1.9 Billion Digits: Brazil's Bid For Biometric Voting

It's a matter of jurisdiction. The current identification most people carry (Carteira de Identidade, CI) is issued by the state-level Publicy Security Office. Two things here prevent using this data for voting: first, the data collected for issuing these ids are technically property of the PSO, and can only be used for forensic reasons. Second, this is state-level, while elections are organized at a federal level.

The federal government is starting to introduce a new document, the Documento de Identidade, DI. This will actually be the first federal level identification document in Brazil, and should replace all other documents people carry right now (state-issued id, voters id, cpf). This is currently in trial in a few states, and it will be at least 10 years or so before people are required to carry them, however.


Microsoft To Announce Jerry Seinfeld Ads Cancelled 587

Posted by samzenpus
from the put-it-to-bed dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Valleywag says the Jerry Seinfeld ads are over — In a phone call, Frank Shaw confirms that Microsoft is not going on with Seinfeld, and echoes his underlings' spin that the move was planned. There is the 'potential to do other things' with Seinfeld, which Shaw says is still 'possible.' He adds: 'People would have been happier if everyone loved the ads, but this was not unexpected.'"

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