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Comment: Why Silevo didn't aim to be biggest? (Score 2, Interesting) 262

by paziek (#47261567) Attached to: Elon Musk's Solar City Is Ramping Up Solar Panel Production
Why Silevo didn't aim to be biggest? If their panels are so good and cheap, then why not just keep selling them? Why sell company that is making profit and will most likely grow? Fast cash grab, or those panels aren't so special after all? And why not just use some cheap 16% China panels in higher volume? Sure there is limited real estate on house for panels, so you might not get all your need covered by solar, but with unstable weather you wouldn't anyway.

Comment: Re:Do not want ... (Score 1) 167

by paziek (#46154955) Attached to: Firefox 27 Released: TLS 1.2 Support, SPDY 3.1, SocialAPI Improvements
Well, we've got internet search engines integrated into almost any browser nowadays. Difference would be that you can choose what search engine you want to use.
Seems like they added some support for Delicious and whatever India streaming service; what you need to do in order to get integrated, beats me, but I bet on $. I guess its sad, but then again Mozilla in its manifesto never mentions neutrality or any such thing and they need money to pay staff.

Comment: Tornado did it? (Score 3, Insightful) 110

by paziek (#46130433) Attached to: Russia's Dyatlov Pass Incident May Have Been Explained By Modern Science

So he claims that tornado produced infrasounds and it itself would be scary, but probably not that much with all that wind and hikers inside tent. From what I read, it is not confirmed that infrasounds induce fear or anxiety in humans, at least not to everyone. Those were experienced hikers and I guess they are used to bad weather... hard to believe that all of them would run away like that just cause of some noise outside of tent.
He wrote a book, wants to sell it, so we have this story as promo.

Comment: Distro packaging mess (Score 4, Interesting) 119

by paziek (#46004249) Attached to: Nagios-Plugins Web Site Taken Over By Nagios

It will be interesting to see who will provide source for packages used by various distros. Those plugins can be used by other monitoring applications and I guess that new maintainers on the old domain could release version of their plugins that would not work with competition, while at the same time old maintainers probably shouldn't use nagios-plugins for their packages.

Comment: Re:Suprise, not really (Score 3, Informative) 119

by paziek (#46004235) Attached to: Nagios-Plugins Web Site Taken Over By Nagios

They (Nagios Enterprises) requested it. I didn't see mention of why they did, but I would guess it was trademark issue. They were supposed to let them use it independent of Nagios Enterprises, but seems like 3 years was all they could get on this deal. From what I read in their discussion, reason for takeover are mentions of compatible competition on main site of old Nagios Plugins.

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