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Comment: Re:About time...? (Score 1) 429

by paxswill (#33406278) Attached to: Some Windows Apps Make GRUB 2 Unbootable
Boot camp is not what we want. Boot camp does not support Linux well, and if you have more than one non OS X partition, it labels them all as 'Windows'. rEFIt is a nice EFE/Mac bootloader. Also, if we're saying Boot Camp counts, bootcgf/boot.ini offers close functionality (not cross OS family, but about as extensive as Boot Camp).

Comment: Not hard (Score 1) 20

by paxswill (#30113732) Attached to: Using Drupal For Company Intranet; What To Expect?
While not in the same league of usage as you (just a simple page for an organization I'm a part of), I've found developing for Drupal very easy. I knew no PHP going in, but between picking that up and the extensive documentation on their site, it's been a breeze filling in the cracks of what I need that available modules don't fill.

Comment: Re:Much more specific than the summary suggests (Score 1) 657

by paxswill (#30066504) Attached to: Microsoft Patents Sudo's Behavior
IIRC, that's not quite correct. I haven't done any Cocoa recently that required root privileges, but most of the time you mark a task as requiring admin access, and the use is then prompted for a password (normally. If the current logged in user is an admin, and has no password, it will pass through I think). It asks for any user, but just fills in the user name for the currently logged in user if it's an admin. Basically, it will ask for a PW any time it needs sudo, no matter the user (unless the user is root).

Comment: Re:My experiences in Truman, MO (Score 2, Informative) 699

by paxswill (#28235423) Attached to: Solution For College's Bad Network Policy?
The Cisco Clean Access Agent does run under OS X. It launches at login using launchd, and spikes CPU usage every 2 seconds for 2 seconds (2 on, 2 off) by doing a bunch of system calls. It drops about 30 minutes off of my battery, so I usually leave it off (it usually runs on the background in the menubar, but you can quit it). My school uses CCAAgent for access to the wired network, and I've heard it gives you a lease on your MAC address for 24 hours. Wireless is handled through a capture page that logs your MAC and allows you to not have to login again. while you maintain a connection the the AP. Our Wifi is unecrypted though so I route my traffic through a SSH tunnel I have back home for sensitive traffic.

Comment: Re:Failed Technologies: All RISC Chips (Score 1) 682

by paxswill (#27990731) Attached to: Top 10 Disappointing Technologies
Only if you're counting the desktop/laptop market. All three of the major consoles use RISC based processors, 3 of the 4 from last gen (PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast), and a majority of the portable consumer devices market (iPods, cell phones, hand held gaming platforms). In addition, a sizable portion of the HPC market uses RISC based chips. I would in no way consider RISC failed.

Comment: Re:military solution (Score 5, Informative) 442

by paxswill (#27795599) Attached to: Portables Without Cameras?
You can get Apple to remove the camera. I remember reading in a security document about disabling the camera. An option listed is to have it removed by an Apple service center (an Apple Store might do it, but unlikely), and they'll make a note of it in the Applecare database. You get a warranty, no camera, and access to secured areas.

Comment: Re:Some, not all... (Score 1) 731

by paxswill (#27768415) Attached to: Old-School Coding Techniques You May Not Miss
I took AP Computer Science AB my senior year of high school, and that was a major portion of it. We had to know why certain data structures (trees, hash tables, linked lists, arrays) were better for certain tasks, and also why some sorting algorithms were better than others. It's also part of the curriculum for CS and computer engineers at my university.

Comment: Re:Could be the disc itself... (Score 1) 501

by paxswill (#27528067) Attached to: Decent DVD-Ripping Solution For Linux?
The problem with Disney is they screw up the discs so it looks like there's ~100 titles, all with close to the correct running time. Granted, this isn't a linux solution, but on my Mac, the included DVD player will play the correct title. Note which is playing, then select the correct one in MacTheRipper/Handbrake.

Comment: Re:Printing (Score 1) 571

by paxswill (#27374573) Attached to: RIP the Campus Computer Lab, 1960-2009
My school (Old Dominion) does part of this already. You get 250 pages a semester, past that, it's 10 cents a page. All of the printers in the labs are able to be printed form your own laptop, and there are extra printers in common areas in all buildings. It works out pretty well, and even with my own printer, I still use the public printers when I'm doing last minute changes.

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