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User Journal

Journal: Linux on the Desktop

Journal by pavera

I like many others here believe that the main issue with getting Linux accepted on the desktop has little to do with usability, and everything to do with the Applications that are available for the system.

The 1 Application that keeps me using windows occasionally is Quicken/Quickbooks.

Obviously the Adobe apps keep alot of people in Windows.

My thought is how many of us have sent feedback to these companies explaining why we would like to see their software available for linux, and explaining that we would be willing to purchase said software?

Here on Slashdot we have enough users to bring most web servers to the ground, could we not also bring these company's customer support and feature request departments to the ground as well?

I feel that if we really voiced our desires we could get 1 or 2 apps moved to linux that would allow many many people to switch to this wonderful platform. If Intuit simply released Quicken/Quickbooks for Linux I would have 40 instant Linux desktop users. (I own my own company providing computer consulting to small to medium sized companies, of my clients 3 have expressed strong desires to ditch MS, but cannot only because of Quicken or Quickbooks, these 3 companies account for 40 seats).

If you like my idea, please send email to any/all of the software companies whose products you would like to see ported to Linux.

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