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Comment: Re:Quick fix for the POS POS machines ... (Score 2) 250

by paulzeye (#45943361) Attached to: Target Confirms Point-of-Sale Malware Was Used In Attack
Needs to be a little more complex. Any easy way around your measure would be to have a compromised jump box somewhere else on Target's network. POS machines send data to jump box, jump box uploads it to internet. Access to the POS VLAN needs to be tightly controlled- but then you need to pull logs of some of them, put patches and updates on them, authenticate users, after a while your VLAN has lots of holes in it.

Comment: The Driver (Score 1) 937

by paulzeye (#45908897) Attached to: Who Is Liable When a Self-Driving Car Crashes?
I don't see why the model should change. The driver of the car would be liable for any accidents caused by their car. This will probably be covered by the driver's insurance. The insurance companies will only insure self driving cars that they consider safe. Insurance companies my even offer cheaper rates to cars with a better track record of self driving.

Comment: Re:Hit them back (Score 1) 783

by paulzeye (#34911942) Attached to: Wikileaks To Name Swiss Bank Tax Evaders
Can you give me some more details? The only people I can think of who do not drive on roads are maybe people who live in cities and just use public transit? If roads are paid for with gas taxes, tolls, and property taxes people in cities will pay higher prices for the cost of goods they buy shipped in on roads (to cover the cost of gas taxes and tolls that are incurred shipping the goods into the city) or pay for roads with their local property taxes. I think roads are a pretty clear example of where people who benefit from them can pay for them with use taxes (gas taxes & tolls) & property taxes.

Eight PHP IDEs Compared 206

Posted by timothy
from the colonic-extraction dept.
snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Rick Grehen provides an in-depth comparative review of eight PHP IDEs: ActiveState's Komodo IDE, CodeLobster PHP Edition, Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT), MPSoftware's phpDesigner, NetBeans IDE for PHP, NuSphere's PhpED, WaterProof's PHPEdit, and Zend Studio. 'All of these PHP toolkits offer strong support for the other languages and environments (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL database) that a PHP developer encounters. The key differences we discovered were in the tools they provide (HTML inspector, SQL management system) for various tasks, the quality of their documentation, and general ease-of-use,' Grehen writes.'"

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