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Comment: Re:No shit (Score 1) 90

No matter what Adobe says CS5.5 is just CS5 with Acrobat 10 instead of 9 and all of the patches applied to the other software. They were not going to release a new CS with Acrobat 10 until CS6 but a lot of people bitched about it and they came out with 5.5. So since there is no real difference between PS 5 and 5.5 they should support it.


Comment: Re:I agree (Score 1) 619

by paulej72 (#36227920) Attached to: Mandatory Automotive Black Boxes May Be On the Way

I have always wondered how users of the Autobahn handle heaver congestion where a faster drive does not have a real chance to move right after passing as the next car to pass is coming up. This would lead to the driver running in the left lane, but always passing.

This seems to be one of the reasons some Americans do not move right as they are always passing slower vehicles.

Comment: Re:Princeton has very short leases. (Score 1) 309

by paulej72 (#35867034) Attached to: Bug Forces Android Devices Off Princeton Campus Network

Yeah, that was my reaction as well. While they've done a good job documenting the bug (and it really does sound like Android's DHCP client is broken), they sound like they're missing the forest for the trees. Why does Princeton assign such short leases, you ask?

"Shorter leases allow us to recover unused IP addresses rapidly, in turn permitting us to assign globally-routable IP addresses to clients without requiring Princeton to impose a NAT between wireless clients and the Internet."

So my smartphone can have a globally-routable IP address! You know, for the servers I'm going to run on it.

You do realize that devices other than phones use the wireless network. I would imagine that 90% of the wireless devices used on campus are laptops and other full computers.

Part of the problem is that Princeton has its entire wireless network as a single subnet so that roaming on campus is seamless. I think this makes it a bit harder to manage all of the devices that are connected to this segment.

Comment: Re:Nice flamebait article (Score 4, Interesting) 309

by paulej72 (#35866838) Attached to: Bug Forces Android Devices Off Princeton Campus Network

At this point, one has to wonder what Princeton is doing on their network that they keep uncovering such bugs.

Princeton's network was for the longest time very old. We had shared 10mb over cat3 cable to most of the campus. To keep things working, the network was heavily monitored and anything that did not belong was promptly disconnected.

Fast forward to now. We have a modern network that can handle some problems, but the motioning form the dark days still continues. Because of this heavy monitoring IT can see problems with devices that probably no one on earth sees.

Yes the iPhone and iPod both had the same issues, but Apple fix them eventually. I hope the Google will do the same.

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