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Comment: Re:Colossus was not used for Enigma (Score 1) 139

by ivaradi (#36294670) Attached to: The Machines That Sparked the Beginning of the Computer Age

Yes, the wheels of the Lorenz machine were simulated by some logical circuits made of vacuum tubes. But the book I read on the subject claimed, that the circuits were quite generic (some registers and logical operations), so if wired differently, one could make the computer to perform other combinations of operations. Of course breaking Enigma is quite a complicated matter, so it is entirely possible that Colossus was not flexible enough to be wired to do that.

Comment: Colossus was not used for Enigma (Score 2) 139

by ivaradi (#36293360) Attached to: The Machines That Sparked the Beginning of the Computer Age

While Colossus may have been capable of breaking Enigma (though it is not sure, as it was a highly specialized computer), it was actually used for breaking another, more sophisticated cipher produced by a Lorenz-made machine connected to a telex machine. When encoding, the telex machine emitted a 5-bit code, which was encrypted using the Lorenz machine. For decoding the process was reversed. This type of traffic was called Fish or Tunny in Bletchley Park.

Comment: Re:Something I find interesting (Score 1) 403

by patro (#33946918) Attached to: Gene Simmons Threatens Anonymous Again and Gets DDoS'd

Weird. Don't they make most of their money by performing dozens of times a year, anyway?

I'd rephrase it: Don't they make enough money anyway?

If someone is that rich does it really matter if not everyone buys his records? Isn't the free publicity worth more than earning even more money?

Comment: Re:Overhyped (Score 2, Interesting) 344

by patro (#29745027) Attached to: 10/GUI — an Interface For Multi-Touch Input

How can you over-hype a one-paragraph summary?

Five minutes into the video and I'm still none the wiser as to how this is supposed to be an improvement in the use of my computer, or more comfortable, or easier.

In my opinion, it isn't.

Putting all my apps into a single line and navigating that line is not efficient. I'll stick to Autohotkey which allows me to jump to any of my usual apps with a single keypress.

I found eliminating the mouse as much as possible and finding convenient keyboard shortcuts is the key to efficient computer use. Using a touchpad which is just an other kind of mouse is not the solution. For computer newbies it may be, but not for seasoned users.

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