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+ - Researchers visualize Obama and Romana speaches->

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patrik writes "Researchers at Virginia Tech and Purdue used machine learning techniques to visualize and compare the recent political speeches of Obama and Romney. Their objective was to understand when each candidate began to speak about various topics and when they stopped as well as determine what the topics themselves were composed of."
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+ - NIH Research To Go Public 1

Submitted by shofutex
shofutex (986330) writes "According to the Washington Post, the omnibus spending bill recently passed includes provisions to make NIH-funded research publicly available.

Under the bill's terms, scientists getting grant money from the National Institutes of Health would now have to submit to the NIH a final copy of their research papers when those papers are accepted for publication in a journal. An NIH database would then post those papers, free to the public, within 12 months after publication.

+ - Newfound Planet "Theoretically Should Not Exis

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indiejade writes "Various sources are reporting on the discovery of an extra-solar planet that is "20 times larger than Earth and circling a star 1,400 light-years away." It is thought to be the largest planet found so far for which we actually know the size, and one which some scientists say "theoretically should not even exist." TrES-4 is approximately "70 percent larger than Jupiter," according to Georgi Mandushev, the Lowell Observatory astronomer and lead author of the paper announcing the discovery."

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