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Comment: Bill has been tabeled for now (Score 1) 200

by pat_trick (#38835247) Attached to: Hawaiian Bill Would Force ISPs to Track Users' Web Histories For 2 Years


Surprisingly, all of the positive feedback was from Honolulu law enforcement and prosecutor's departments. Everyone else that gave testimony said "this is STUPID."

I live in Hawaii and will be keeping an eye on this one.

Comment: For government services... (Score 1) 35

by pat_trick (#37940532) Attached to: Honolulu Tops 2011 Digital Cities Survey

...but not for regular residents. Been here since 2004. The free wifi hot spots are primarily concentrated in downtown, and a few other random spots. You can see the network map at http://p2.meraki.com/network/kokuawireless ; I wouldn't call this "municipal" wifi in the slightest, seeing as it doesn't really serve anyone except the businesses that have customers coming in or nearby.

In addition, our primary ISPs, Oceanic Time Warner and Hawaiian Telcom are only now offering speeds of 50 mbps down to residential customers, but only "up to" and only in limited service areas. Not exactly up to par with FIOS services available elsewhere.

Comment: I work for a WISP (Score 1) 300

by pat_trick (#37155952) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Wi-Fi Solution For a Hotel?

I do this for a living, so here's a few more questions (I see some were asked by PCM2 already):

How many buildings are there on the property? How tall is each one? What is the layout (facing each other, central courtyard, one long line)? What is the construction material of the exterior of the buildings? The interior (between rooms)?

Is there a central telephone room that all the buildings link into? Have you run a line tone to make sure?

Check each room to see how many telephone pairs are going in. If there is more than one pair and the n+1 pairs are not in use, then you can throw in and mount a wireless modem in each room. There are vendors that make mounts that are tamper-resistant. The trick is to find out how much penetration the wifi signal from that modem is going to get between each room. Buy one modem, get access to a room, and to all the rooms adjacent (above, below, sides, and across the hall) to see what kind of coverage you can get. Download inSSIDER to help with this analysis.

From this testing you'll be able to determine what kind of signal you're getting in the adjacent rooms, and thereby determine what layout of modems you need.

Get a DSLAM on the property, and get your system up and running.

How you chose to manage the back end is up to you; we use RADIUS. However, since you're managing a single location, you could probably do it with an HP Procurve MSM 710 or even an MSM 313. This will track user logins and sessions independent of any wireless access point that you set up.


Why Creators Should Never Read Their Forums 221

Posted by Soulskill
from the lalala-i-can't-hear-you dept.
spidweb writes "One full-time Indie developer writes about why he never goes to online forums discussing his work and why he advises other creators to do the same. It's possible to learn valuable things, but the time and the stress just don't justify the effort. From the article, 'Forums contain a cacophony of people telling you to do diametrically opposite things, very loudly, often for bad reasons. There will be plenty of good ideas, but picking them out from the bad ones is unreliable and a lot of work. If you try to make too many people happy at once, you will drive yourself mad. You have to be very, very careful who you let into your head.'"

Comment: Beta to Live (Score 1) 215

by pat_trick (#33919160) Attached to: Square Enix Attempting <em>Final Fantasy XIV</em> Damage Control

Having played the beta, I have to ask this: where were the promised changes during the HUGE amounts of feedback given that the game was going to suck? Reading the beta test boards, people were saying left and right that major game changes needed to be made, or else the game was going to flop.

Square-enix pretty much ignored the majority of the feedback. And now they're scrambling to fix things that, had they listened, could have been fixed well before the game went live.

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