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Comment: Re:Sensationalism? (Score 1) 294

by passionplay (#47815337) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux-Friendly Desktop x86 Motherboard Manufacturers?

I think you missed something. You CAN force the system to ignore the BIOS and use the power management feature by setting a kernel flag. How does that qualify as a horror story? I used to build computers on "screaming new hardware" and newly purchased laptops. And I had to go through the pains of figuring out what the flags were by researching. Not once did I BOTHER with attempting to get the manufacturer to FIX the problem for me. Unless I'm a developer interested in updating the BIOS, I just care that the computer I want is doing what it should be. E.g. Figuring out how to install Bumblebee so I can run Optimus.

Also, to use the newer hardware, I would simply go to a store and bring my live Linux CD with me. Either it ran or it didn't. If it ran, I bought it. If it didn't, I skipped it. Time is money. I have none to do a manufacturer's homework.

You want to stick it to them. Don't buy the thing that doesn't run what you want.

Apologies if I am oversimplifying, but I do not see "I bought hardware and the manufacturer won't let me run what I want on it" is a horror story. The real horror story to me is that you bought it without checking to see if it was a lemon. We don't have a lemon law for computers when it comes to Windows vs Linux. Caveat emptor.

Personal opinion.

Comment: How is this possible: "It took me hours" (Score 1, Redundant) 101

by passionplay (#47693165) Attached to: ICANN Offers Fix For Domain Name Collisions

I have not clue how it could take someone HOURS to figure out the name was resolving incorrectly. It take SECONDS to run nslookup, with different nameservers on the TARGET MAACHINE. How is this even newsworthy? A network administrator that doesn't know what he is doing, takes hours to figure out that the name is resolving differently and we write an article on that?

How is this newsworthy?

Secondly, these other TLD's are the right of ICANN to implement. If we didn't want it, we didn't scream loud enough. What is the point of all this chatter on this topic now?

Just curious why we don't have better stories to talk about. ICANN is old news. They're a broken organization that is trying to maintain order in a system that was never designed for centralized control.

Just my two cents.

Comment: Re:Why do CS grads become lowly programmers? (Score 5, Insightful) 637

by passionplay (#47616291) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: "Real" Computer Scientists vs. Modern Curriculum?

You study ENGINEERING (a discipline) to become a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER.
You study MEDICINE (a discipline) to become a LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTOR.
You would have to agree an automotive engineer is not the same as a mechanic which is not the same as a scientist in combustible fuels.

Software development is an art form. Software engineering is a discipline. Computer Science is a science.

Studying computer science by itself enables you to become:
1. A computer scientist
2. A computer programmer
3. A computer technician

Even becoming a computer science teacher would require you to study EDUCATION as a discipline.

There are no shortcuts. While life experience may teach you SOME things to become an engineer, there is no substitute for a Computer Science degree that focuses on software engineering. You could become an engineer after years of experience. or you could simply learn the discipline and stand on the shoulders of giants and open yourself up to learning from and teaching others in the discipline for a lifetime.

The next time you ask yourself, "Where on God's green earth would I use this knowledge", stop yourself. And think: "Why on earth would I want to work harder and solve problems already solved by others."

An engineer solves problems a new way because the outcomes of all the known methods are not satisfactory. An engineer can predict reliably how long something should take from his body of knowledge.
A developer solves problems a new way because it's fun, it's cool and it's artistic. A developer, like an artist, works until he's done.

There is nothing wrong with being a developer or an artist. But just as we should never confuse industrial art with fine art, we should never confuse software development with software engineering.

If you can only solve the problem at hand, you will not have fun doing engineering. If you are happier solving higher order problems of how things are put together and how to do things efficiently or discovering how to things MORE efficiently by building on the knowledge of others or collaborating, you will have fun doing engineering.

Comment: We are now all ##AA-Stooges (Score 5, Insightful) 490

by passionplay (#46586109) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?
The content companies have won. The brainwashing in the schools over the past 20 years has succeeded.

We have a 1770 word essay why ownership of media is clunky and why it is ok to keep paying to watch shows for entertainment. Have we really come so far from the concept of sharing and owning media that we now have to subscribe to "physical media" = bad -> We should always just stream?.

Streaming inherently disavows your right to own media and to make it your own. The end is at hand..

Streaming should be an OPTION. DVD's should be an OPTION..

##AA Stooges should not be allowed to post such rubbish. And those that are now brainwashed should submit to de-programming..

Otherwise we are destined to give away our right to creativity

Comment: ownCloud Community edition will do nicely (Score 5, Interesting) 168

by passionplay (#46197615) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Distributed Online Storage For Families?

Clients for every platform. Server distributions for every platform. Mobile clients too. Runs on HTTPS.

  1. 1. Download the community edition from any of the repositories found on
  2. 2. Install using wizard - if you pick SQLite as the database, there is nothing to install for the database - configure to force SSL connections
  3. 3. Setup your router to forward 443 to the box you've set up
  4. 4. Setup a dyndns or similar IP address (or your own domain name) to said IP address.
  5. 5. Install client (desktop or mobile) and start accessing using https://yourserver-or-ip-addre... as the URL

I've set up something similar for my family - love it. I've also set up something simliar for our enterprise. No complaints about the regular feature set. Just some of the enterprise level things could do with a little more work.

+ - Online fax system, faxitnice is down - honeypots reported? So now what?->

Submitted by passionplay
passionplay (607862) writes " provides online faxing capability and is actually very reasonable and even provides registered users with an 800 numbered fax. I have used them for years. However, today when I went to fax a document, I couldn't access the page. So I did a DNS lookup and attempted the IP address directly. In response, I received a RoadRunner DNS error page in response — containing a search entry that reported, of all things, A HONEYPOT at the same IP address. On further research at and, it would appear that FaxItNice is down — possibly due to hacking. So now the real question is — is the system down? Or did something happen? Any news would be welcome."
Link to Original Source

Comment: First post? (Score 1) 1

There isn't enough accessible source examples that clearly demonstrate the code in the documentation normally provided. If the publishing entity provided the ability to absorb the crowd-sourced examples, the fragmentation would be less and the documentation much more readily understood. This is the policy that seems to be followed by and it seems to be working in my opinion.

Comment: Wag the Dog. (Score 1) 30

by passionplay (#36698758) Attached to: Book Review: Surveillance Or Security?
I find the most compelling book is omitting the most compelling story of all. Carnivore. All I hear is "the bad guys are doing it worse, we have to do it better to keep them out." And "there is no security, so we have to build it into the network " because if we build the security, we'll own the back door. The internet has security for when you want to use it. The internet has no security when you don't want it. The problem is that the government has gotten used to having all of our lives under scrutiny in the name of security. Privacy as we know is eroding over the amorphous war on terror. The war that was started by those now fighting when they used those exact tactics in Vietnam. The world is simply emulating the US albeit in an earlier stage of evolution. Instead of attempting to undermine their development, developing them as equal partners that didn't have to fear the US might be a goal worth exploring. But human beings are less altruistic than their primate cousins. I'm sure we'd still screw this up if we tried it. I think we'll just have to wait for the pendulum to swing back. Until then, Generation Y and Z are going to be stupid enough to think that the government can protect them when they won't do it for themselves.

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