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Submission + - Hewlett Packard Turns Buggy Software and Firmware Into a Revenue Stream!

neversleepy writes: In the face of ever declining server sales. And in a move certian to affect many readers here, Hewlett Packard decides to provide updates to firmware and critical OS drivers only to customers who pay a premium for a CarePack, extended service contract. If this affects you negatively, try telling Hewlett Packard what you think about payola for hardware bug fixes.

Or maybe, the time is right to abandon vanity servers?

Comment Re:Open Source Android (Score 3, Informative) 298

Gibbertbot offers OTR XMPP chat for Android, as does ChatSecure for iOS. The DuckDuckGo app for Androind/iOS offers untracked search over HTTPS. There are a number of PGP/GPG email readers/writers for Android and iOS.

All of this can be precluded by the NSA having a backdoor at the graces of the manufacturer, but we still don't know the extent of that. The article states that their iPhone surveillance required them to hack into the host iTunes computer, which can be prevented with a good firewall.

Comment Re:So how come he's writing about it now? (Score 1) 309

The Buzzfeed author interviewed me, then redacted all her questions. I don' know why she did it this way, but she did. I've been open about discussing that we received a FISA request since we published our first transparency report. https://transmission.xmission.com/2013/06/10/the-nsa-and-xmission

Comment Re:So gun websites should be monitored? (Score 1) 309

My intent was to express that the nature of the customer's business was beyond any suspicion warranting surveillance under an act that is supposed to protect us from foreign terrorism. Maybe it was just an elaborate front, but I tend to believe it is more incompetence than conspiracy.

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