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Comment Re:lemme guess (Score 0) 530

Well put. Our brains work by associating information with logically-similar information. It's a matter of how you associate things to other things. Our ability to sort through this information is where the IQ comes in. However, you prove that this doesn't make you necessarily "better" at thinking, or "better" at "things in general", because there is another part of ourselves, other than the brain. It's the heart. How do we measure the ability of the heart? One who has equal ability with both brains, and the heart is the true genius. You measure another person's brain, with your brain. You measure another person's heart with your heart.

Comment Phone location (Score 0) 107

This isn't locating a person, but a device. I think that's a good point to keep in mind. Unless you can prove that I was using that device at that time, it seems to be an invalid argument to say that I had the device, and not another person (stolen), or vehicle (left or lost).

Comment Re:PR (Score 0) 277

My guess is, they're just trying to pick up some good karma, "encouraging" people to pick up a teaching career and leave, instead of just laying them off life HP did. That way, they'll be able to cut their employment costs, at the same time still retaining a positive image.

That goes without saying, I think. But what is really happening is that, and as great as the education system is America now, there would be far to many teachers, and it would then suck to be a teacher.

Isn't it funny how teachers are so admired, but at the same time, so disrespected? Teaching is not something that you do because you -needs a job man-, it's only successful if it comes from your heart. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but it's true.

I can hear it now, "Don't you talk to me like that you little shit, I use to work at IBM!"

"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." -- Bakunin [ed. note - I would say: The urge to destroy may sometimes be a creative urge.]