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Comment: Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 53

Buses, definitely not. I'm not sure why the politicians can't figure out that no one rides the bus because it takes way too long to get anywhere - it isn't a question of letting them drive on the shoulder of I-35 or not. Light rail, on the other hand .... that's public transit that can work in KC.

Comment: Re:It's their own fault. (Score 1) 443

by parens (#36811466) Attached to: Borders Books, Dead At 40
Your experiences at Borders were a lot different than mine. Barnes & Noble was always the snobby bookstore in my area, Borders was normal and laid-back. Some of that may have been location, but it was also reflected in their pricing differences and general employee demeanor. Half-Price Books fills the used book niche pretty well. Books-A-Million fills the "here's some books, maybe there's something decent in the pile" niche. I'm going to miss having a normal book store around.

Comment: Re:Turkish Delight (Remember Narnia!) (Score 1) 152

by parens (#36450586) Attached to: Steam Now Offering Free-To-Play Games
In the case of a capped or limited internet connection, that certainly seems like a good policy for you to follow. as such, i can see the limitations of Steam having some impact on you. I'm lucky enough to have an unthrottled connection, so it hasn't affected me.

I'm not sure blaming Steam because your ISP wants to limit your connection is completely accurate, however.

Comment: Re:Turkish Delight (Remember Narnia!) (Score 1) 152

by parens (#36450438) Attached to: Steam Now Offering Free-To-Play Games
Perhaps I've altered settings and don't remember, but all of the games in my Steam library auto-update whenever they detect an update. Since it auto-updates, it's always been ready to go for me. I've grabbed a laptop in a hurry out the door, and still played my games while offline for a week.

Comment: Re:Turkish Delight (Remember Narnia!) (Score 1) 152

by parens (#36449852) Attached to: Steam Now Offering Free-To-Play Games
Just addressing one of your points, not the list, but ... it hasn't been my experience that I need to go online to enable offline. For most games, you must launch it once while online, but after that, it'll detect the lack of an internet connection and prompt you to restart in offline mode.

Comment: Re:Wrong place (Score 1) 457

by parens (#36161874) Attached to: An IP Address For Every Light Bulb
Call it what you like - incandescent light fills the room in a more uniform nature, and with a more visually and psychologically pleasing mix of color.

Perhaps I, and others, equate incandescent with "natural" light because the brightness is at least closer to sunlight than the weak output of either CFLs or LEDs. I've used both alternatives at various points in their technological evolution, and I remain unimpressed with the results.

I use a single CFL bulb in my home - in the garage. It's remained lit for going on 3 years now, and it serves that function well. Garages aren't meant to be visually pleasing; I don't read there, for example. But in places where I do read, sunlight or incandescents are my only viable option.

You say incandescents aren't cheaper - but they are. I can buy a 24 pack of type A's for the price of two or three CFLs, and maybe half a decent LED fixture. I've found the difference in electricity costs is minimal.

From a technological standpoint, I'd love to advance my lighting needs past burning metal filaments, but aesthetically, I just can't.

Comment: Re:Why Walmart and not WholeFoods or Trader Joes? (Score 1) 229

by parens (#35919118) Attached to: Wal-Mart Tests Online Grocery Delivery
Trader Joe's is the alleged nirvana of retail grocery shopping. It got it's start in California, which should tell you what you need to know about it.

I'm the same as you on the "don't talk to me, just tell me how much I owe and let's move on" camp. I think it's wonderful that some people feel the need to form deep personal bonds with their cashier - I am not among that population.

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson