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Macworld: Under-the-hood changes boost MacBook performance->

From feed by macworldfeed
Bumping processor speeds from 2.16GHz to 2.2GHz wouldn't figure to add that much to a MacBook's performance. But the laptops updated by Apple last week also feature improved graphics, a faster frontside bus, and greater RAM capacity. The result is a larger-than-expected gain for the new MacBooks in our Macworld Lab benchmarks.

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+ - Leopard 10.5.1 initial bugfix scoop->

Submitted by sebastianboethius
sebastianboethius (457437) writes "As most of you fellow slashdot readers have probably experienced some small yet irritable bugs when using leopard (caveat of being an early adopter, i.e. the infamous mouse lag problem after sleep). I found an article with promising bugfixes in the .1 update (click here). Have you found any other bugs (than the ones mentioned by me or in slashdot)?"
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