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Comment: reasons for piracy? (Score 1) 150

by paperbananaclip (#29311483) Attached to: Musicians Oppose Anti-Piracy Measures In the UK
Maybe it's time these industries (music, media, entertainment, etc) look into why people are driven to piracy? Many of us do so because we: 1) like music so much we can't afford to pay for all the albums we want 2) find it despicable that artists get so little from the sales of their music and would rather steal the album and then actually give them money via merch and going to their shows 3) don't want to waste their money on films that leave them empty and disappointed on the inside when they leave the theater 4) hate the fact that you get bombarded with commercials every 5 minutes when you're trying to figure out what the hell Lost is really about 5) hate corporate suits and want to stick it to the man anyway possible

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