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+ - MtGox Collapse should come as no suprise->

Submitted by MrBingoBoingo
MrBingoBoingo (3481277) writes "The recent closure of the famous Bitcoin exchange MtGox has grabbed a lot of media attention lately, but people involved heavily in bitcoin have been raising alarms about business practices at MtGox for quite some time now. With the MtGox failure being Bitcoin's biggest since the collapse of the ponzi run by Trendon Shavers, also known as Pirateat40, it might be time to revisit the idea of counterparty risk in the world of irreversible cryptocurrency."
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Comment: Re:Not true in many ways (Score 1) 711

by pankkake (#40025741) Attached to: FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC

> I mean honestly, what statement of mine do you disagree with?
"If you're against copyright, then you're against the GPL."
For the third time.

You do not understand, or do not want to understand, that a world without copyright is not close to a world with copyright + BSD.

> In my personal politics I tend more towards the libertarian than the paternalistic. I'm a live and let live type. I view most attempts to control how other people live as somewhat unsavory at best. Having said that, I appreciate both licenses for their flexibilities, use GPL programs, and have donated to both GPL and BSD projects.

Reading your comments, I don't believe a word of it.

I thought you were retarded, but I now think it is worse, you are just dishonest. There is absolutely no use talking to you.

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