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Comment: Re:Also - CHEATING :D (Score 1) 157

by pancakegeels (#36373246) Attached to: Sony's Solution To Split-Screen Multiplayer
3D sends a different image to the left eye to the right, and the glasses for these screens flicker appropriately to only show one image to each eye. From what I can gather, If the sync for the left eye is employed in both lenses, the screen will display Gamer 1's screen. If the sync for the Right eye is used, then similarly the right eye will show Gamer 2's image. If you have the usual sync on the glasses, you will see both images - one in each lens. If it is a sufficient advantage, you could play with your game screen, one eye shut, and peek at your opponent's screen by switching which eye you have open.

Comment: Two things struck me about this: (Score 1) 184

by pancakegeels (#33570858) Attached to: <em>Wolfenstein</em> Gets Ray Traced
1. There is no reason why a game would need a raytraced chandelier. But how good is raytracing at deformation and breakage - what happens if I shoot that rendered glass plate? 2. The reflections make sense as a tactical advantage , but the screen recursion doesn't even fit with reality. Screens have a resolution, cameras taint an image, so zooming into a screen shouldn't lead to a Portal-like infinity. Is it possible to set restraints/limits and add effects to situations like this? Anyway, that was fun, if a little shiny. I love this kind of tech, but its just that little step short of being a game changer for me.

Comment: Mame and other emulators (Score 1) 521

by pancakegeels (#30675196) Attached to: Framerates Matter
Emulation is a fantastic field, and one thing they are great at is making old games look great, Scale2x and so on. The thing is, I am pretty sure I have seen it crank out some super-massive framerates. for some titles. The video for Starblazer gave no indication of how it was rendered. Which, in addition to the video being encoded for flv, softens the initial point in this article. Good links in it though - I like it when people give interesting references.

Comment: The patent office will eat itself (Score 1) 403

by pancakegeels (#29036671) Attached to: US Court Tells Microsoft To Stop Selling Word
If the patent office remains the shambles it is now, eventually there will be no such thing as an exercisable patent. Given that any patent will immediately be usurped by Chinese entrepreneurs, the patent office practically only penalises companies in the U.S. Add to that the business of patenting "scratching your ass", is worth shy of $300 million, I can't see any remedy.

Comment: Re:Android should scare mainstream phone makers (Score 2, Interesting) 152

by pancakegeels (#28138503) Attached to: 18 Android Phones, In 3 Flavors, By Year's End
And yet, Chinese phone companies insist on FAKING android: http://www.cect.se/product_info.php?products_id=104 (non english site) http://www.androiddevelopment.org/2009/04/16/dream-g2-phone-made-in-china-looks-like-android-but-isnt/ presumably because these phones are somehow cheaper to make or easier to tap.

Comment: possible spoiler if you still play gamecube: (Score 1) 156

by pancakegeels (#28087321) Attached to: Is The Best Game One You Were Never Intended To Play?
Eternal Darkness for the Gamecube tried something akin to that - no, the plot wasn't trying to recover files from a corrupt hard disk - but it did use your knowledge of Gamecube related events outwith the game to piss the hell out of you. Genius. Maybe this is a spoiler...

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