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by Jane Q. Public (#47970839) Attached to: 3 Short Walking Breaks Can Reverse Harm From 3 Hours of Sitting

Ironically, Jane's still insisting that warmer objects absorb no radiation from colder objects. Otherwise Jane wouldn't repeatedly [] object [] to including a term for radiation from the chamber walls in his calculation of required electrical power.

NO!!! This is just plain bullshit. I do NOT object to a term for electrical power. I simply asserted a physical truth: in our isolated system, the electrical power to the heat source, called for by Spencer, has zero dependency on the chamber walls.

It is this nonsense dependency on the chamber walls that I have disputed, nothing else. That is a violation of the Stefan-Boltzmann law.

So just to be clear: I don't object to a term for "electrical power" and never have. My only objection is your insistence that the power input to the heat source is somehow related to radiation from the chamber walls. If these are treated as gray bodies: just no. That's a violation of Stefan-Boltzmann.

You are VERY good at trying to make it appear I have been saying things I actually haven't. But it isn't going to fly. It's just bullshit.

Ironically, Jane's still insisting that warmer objects absorb no radiation from colder objects. Otherwise Jane wouldn't repeatedly object to including a term for radiation from the chamber walls in his calculation of required electrical power. Since Jane doesn't even include that term, Jane's assuming that warmer objects absorb no radiation from colder objects.

NO!!! Repeat, for about the 100th time now: no NET radiative power input from cooler objects. That is ALL I have claimed, and it's a direct result of the Stefan-Botlzmann radiation law. Why do you keep disputing textbook physics laws?

Stop lying. Because that's all you're doing now.

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by MightyMartian (#47970799) Attached to: US Revamping Its Nuclear Arsenal

MAD prevented WWIII. I don't care whether the people who build them or the people who authorize their construction are corrupt, or worship a giant statue of a sexually aroused Beelzebub, the fact is that we are kept largely secure from would be Napoleons, Hitlers and Stalins by the mere fact that these weapons exist.

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by MightyMartian (#47970679) Attached to: Outlining Thin Linux

Who said anything about open source? Even the old direct Unix server variants all ran Bourne shell or c shell and their descendants. For chrissakes, a CLI-based server OS running a scriptable shell is decades old, predating Windows and FOSS by decades. This idea that Server 2012 is doing anything unique boggles the mind of anyone with even a basic understanding of operating system development and administration for the last half century. Maybe the Microsoft-funded diploma mills churn out admins who actually believe that Server 2012 is some revolutionary step, but for those of us who have been in the industry for oh, over seven or eight years, seeing somebody claim "we tossed out *nix and put in Server 2012 'cause it wuns with just a CLI" is liking seeing some fuckwit claim "I just invented the toothbrush!"

If you threw out *nix servers because you like the modern Windows toolset, then great! No prob. I have a network that runs a Server 2012 AD domain and a couple of Hyper-V servers, so it's not like I'm allergic to Windows. But fuck man, reading the parent's post (I dunno, maybe it's your post, I can understand why you would go AC to write such an incredible retarded post), with the underlying notion that Server 2012 is doing something revolutionary, and yeah, I start seeing red. Server 2012 is merely Microsoft, after twenty fucking years, getting the fucking hint.

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by MightyMartian (#47970629) Attached to: Outlining Thin Linux

Windows sysadmins amaze. For fifteen years I listened to them rattle on about how the GUI in Windows NT and its descendants was absolutely necessary, that it opened up servers to people who couldn't or wouldn't learn how to work from a CLI. So a few server distros put the head on their installs, worked like mad dogs to build GUI and web-based management systems like Webmin, and now suddenly all those Windows sysadmin flunkies are declaring Server 2012 is the bestest ever because you can run in headless with a CLI.

Listen you fucking asshole. *nix has been running CLI longer than most people posting here have been alive. It had mature toolsets and script libraries when Windows was a 16-bit cooperative multitasking layer on top of fucking MS-fucking-DOS. Generations of system administrators have lived and fucking died while Windows was forcing a clunky GUI toolset that you couldn't fucking script properly, and that you ended up having to go to REGEDIT and a bazillion GPO entries to fine tune.

Oh no, but Windows is so fucking cutting edge because in the last seven or eight years has developed a fucking shell that you can properly fucking script (even if the scripting language in question is a verbose and unbelievably slow executing piece of shit that is in almost every way the exact opposite of the elegance of *nix).

Well congrat-u-fuck-ulations Mr. "We paid a bazillion dollars to Redmond in licensing fees so we could have a scriptable CLI-based OS in our data center". I bet you even think you did an amazing thing.

Fucking Windows admins. Arrogance, stupidity and a total lack of knowledge of their own fucking operating systems incredibly dubious history as a Server OS.

Meanwhile, in the time it takes you to type out the name of a Powershell scriptlet and its arguments to import a CSV and puke it out as a SQL script, I can do write the code in awk or Perl in a bash wrapper. But hey, I must be stupid and you must the be the super fucking genius.

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by MightyMartian (#47970583) Attached to: Outlining Thin Linux

If you want a real thin install, pick something like Gentoo and Slackware. You can build minimal installs from the kernel up. In ye olden days when I was working on pretty minimal hardware (low RAM, slow CPUs, small drives), I used to install minimum base on top of a very small kernel (only the hardware found on the machine, plus a few generic IDE drivers just in case I had to move the HD and fire it up on another computer). It's a pain in the rear, and with even low-end hardware having huge amounts of RAM and storage space, I don't bother.

The whole point of the net install version of Debian is that it installs a very base version of Linux; and then you build on top of it. If you really need some sort of unique kernel variant, most fine tuning can be done in /boot or /proc.

I'll be blunt, if you claim to be a sysadmin who works with Linux, and you don't know how to build an optimized small footprint server, then you're talking bullshit, and whoever has hired or contracted you should give you the boot really fast.

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I have yet to find any creditable explanation to why all the sudden the oceans are a sink and not before. I mean seriously, if something didn't all the sudden cause it to soak up heat, then all previous temp records would have been impacted by it too making the suggestion of the oceans being a sink for the current warming (or lack thereof) somewhat moot.

But say that out loud and you will As if it really matters any more. This isn't about science or the environment any more. It was politicized from near the beginning and now they are much more brazen about it. Anyone can look around and see the real situation- it was proudly on display at this rally.

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by sumdumass (#47969427) Attached to: Ancient Campfires Led To the Rise of Storytelling

I'm willing to guess that this type of situation is a lot of the science that went into the discovery the article is bragging about.

Oh BTW, been there too. Except for some reason, someone always has some fireworks and throws them in the fire because they got damp or something and we usually ended up losing at least one tent. It was safer to sleep half naked with the ticks than bundled up in a tent with shit that would keep burning- it would appear.

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You know, I've noticed that even though there's a strong impulse to make smores, and preparations made, it always ends up with everybody drunk and just burning the marshmallows on the end of a stick, eating all the chocolate and then running around the campfire naked before tripping over a branch, passing out and waking up covered in ticks and mosquito bites.

I've been part of so many camping trips where there was every intention of making smores and it never seems to work out.

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