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Comment Re:Sounds good... (Score 1) 83

I actually live in Port Hueneme. We're between Ventura and Malibu. A ton of sun - typically 320 days a year of sun. Today will be totally clear blue skies and about 80 degrees for the high temperature. It's a really nice little community down here, with great weather year round. Definitely beats the fall/winter/spring in Seattle (where I'm originally from)!

Comment Re:well, until it's amended. (Score 2) 85

I think the idea behind calling it permanent was that it remains law without any further action from congress as opposed to sun setting and needing renewed.

But yes. I thought the same thing. No law or constitutional provision is permanent in the strict sense because after some arbitrary time in the 1800s, it can all be amended.

Comment Re:Trackables. Not Wearables. (Score 1) 41

Whilst I like your verbiage about the 'trackables,' I do have to wonder, who do you consider to be a "HAVES?" No, really? I'm genuinely curious. What is a HAVE vs. a HAVE not for you? Where's that line drawn and why?

Are you not the least bit concerned about painting with such a large brush? Are you not the least bit concerned with prejudice that might be unwarranted? I imagine we won't know that until we have some good definitions. I'm not really sure what you consider to be a "HAVES" here.

Is it the 1% again? Top 2%? .01%? Is it the CEOs or executives of a corporation? I want to take a stab at this and see how I do but I'd be worried that would color your response. You probably think I'm joking, I assure you that I am not. Nor do I troll.

It's a bit of a favor and you needn't do so but, if you will, I'd like to ask you to do something. Okay? Go back to your feelings when you wrote your post. When you articulated the "HAVES" aspect of your quote, what exactly is in that group? What does this "HAVES" look like, to you at least. Is it one thing? Is it multiple things? Is it a combination of certain things?

Assuming I don't delete all my reply notifications by mistake, for the second time in as many weeks, I'll do what I can to objectively process your response and give you an in-kind reply and, perhaps, make it worth the five minutes to type up your reply. I'd really like to take a stab in the dark and reply to what I believe you're saying but I try not to make assumptions.

'Cause if I could take that stab in the dark, I'd think you're probably painting with a broad brush and missing the finer details. It's possible that you have a persecution complex. I know some folks who have seriously accumulated some wealth, literally at or near a ten digit sum (of which I am not one), and they don't actually like this much either. The thing is, you'd probably count them in the group you're railing against. They're the ones who are in the best position to help avoid this sort of thing. It's not like you or I can stop it.

Other than that, I concur that it's turning into an Internet of Tracking. I find it unfortunate but I find it even more unfortunate that people are willfully opting into this sort of thing. But, if you can tell me what "HAVES" look like to you, then I can probably offer you a better reply.

Comment Re: All us Mac users . . . (Score 1) 178

The OS that I most commonly use is an official flavor of the Ubuntu family but is probably the popular of the official flavors. The only place I know of wide deployment of Lubuntu is some guy who had installed it on a bunch of oscilloscopes as the default OS. We kind of rejoiced as we had actually found another Lubuntu user in the wild.

Sure, I've met some on AskUbuntu but none at the LoCo, none in the chat, and not even anyone here seems to use it except that one guy who does and they install it on scopes.

Wait, no... They're not oscilloscopes. They're chemical analyzing equipment. They were spectrography tools. Yeah, I think that was it. Hell, I don't even know what they do but I almost bought one just to play with it. Err... I kind of understand what they do, I've just never used one and have no idea how they actually get used - like what buttons to push, what settings to use, and what to do with the output. I am not a chemist. I don't think these used gas... But I digress.

So, that leads me this... Not even my girlfriend uses Lubuntu. She uses Mint Cinnamon. I've met one person in the wild and not one other person. Who the hell am I flocking with? :/ I don't wanna be left out! I need affirmation!!! On a more serious note: I suppose that's true at times but I'm not sure if it's true enough to be a good adage. That might have made more sense when I was young. We had fewer choices and less communication back then.

That said: I did not pick Lubuntu to be different or anything. I picked it because I like LXDE and the simplicity and ease of configuration that goes with it. I like the tools that are in it and I don't usually swap many of them out for new stuff - but I do the cumulative thing were I end up with crap installed that I don't really need but I never remove it. Yes, I said it. I like LXDE. At any rate, I wanted LXDE and the Ubuntu ecosystem is very large, active, and generally approachable.

Comment Re:Hitler was driving Mercedes (Score 1) 178

Well, he did write a book and paint some paintings. He also served and was gassed in WWI. He was a messenger, a runner, if I recall correctly. Also, there are some people who postulate that he did not write the book, Mein Kampfy Chair, all by himself. And he was in prison at the time... So, I dunno... It's not like he was doing hard time in prison. Serving in a war is work but it is, technically, government work.

I do not know what his adjusted accumulated wealth numbers would look like but I suspect he's up there. The richest? I dunno? Seems odd but lots of oddities turn out to be true.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 178

At risk of interrupting, whose life are you trying to live? And by what authority do you dictate the rules?

Err... Not that I care a whole bunch but I've been waxing philosophical all thread, I might as well keep it up.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 178

Strangely enough, an individual can be part of the collective. Just like you can be male and still and individual.

On this, the 42nd day of year 2016, thus did spake KGIII; "Seeketh ye not affirmation from others, for content is the man who seeketh not, but hath affirmation within himself."

Seriously, unknot your knickers. Are you here? Yup. Are you specifically in the comments? Yup. Are you adding, in your own special way, to the comments? Yup. You went out of your way to be a Slashdotter. Then, to be edgy, you want to rail about the position you put yourself in. Oh, so edgy!

You can be both a Slashdotter and an individual just like you can be a citizen of the world and an individual, a guitarist and an individual, or whatever else. You put yourself here and then complained about it? Doesn't that seem a little silly to you? Or are you hell bent on playing up the edgy thing?

Comment Re:All us Mac users . . . (Score 2) 178

Err... Why? Who gives a shit who else uses your OS? It's not a lifestyle choice, it's a fucking operating system. There's a bunch of them. Pick which ever one you like best and run with it. Pick the one that gives you the ability to accomplish the tasks you wish to accomplish, with the least hassles, and with the fewest compromises that you need to make in order to do so safely, peacefully, and with the greatest amount of ease possible.

It doesn't matter if it's Windows, OS X, BSD, MINIX, Linux, or whatever else. It's an operating system. You are not your operating system. Your operating system is not you. Other people who use your OS are not you. You are not defined by the OS you us, the software you run, or the assets you have. Place stock in who you really are instead of needing affirmation from others with your choices.

That, that there is what freedom really is.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 4, Interesting) 178

Get that hook out of your mouth. The bait wasn't even that good! ;-)

Actually, a couple of years ago someone shared a racist joke with me. It's at this point that I'll share that I'm part black (as is known) and that the person who shared it with me is also black. While it might make you chuckle, there's a serious bent to it.

Q: When does a black man become a nigger?
A: When he leaves the room.

Funny? Maybe. True? Quite probably. Sad? Kinda sorta.

Sometimes there's value in humor. It's all how we look at it. Also, the AC's just a troll. They got some bites so you can't say they're unsuccessful. However, baiting with SJW-bait? That's probably considered poaching and it's almost certainly out of season.

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