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Comment: Re:Hey, great idea here, guys... (Score 1) 76

by pak9rabid (#47786755) Attached to: Apple CarPlay Rollout Delayed By Some Carmakers
Pioneer definitely sucks. I stopped buying their head units in favor of Clarion's. I shied away from the AppRadio not because of the UI or anything like that, but because of its lack of RCA pre-outs, not to mention they're shitty 2V (compared to Clarion's 4V). I figured that wouldn't be an issue for most people since they're probably not running multiple amps with 12+" subs.

Comment: Silicon Valley is overrated (Score 4, Informative) 262

by pak9rabid (#47650663) Attached to: Silicon Valley Doesn't Have an Attitude Problem, OK?
Having almost passed the 90-day mark at my first Silicon Valley job, my experience has been that it's a highly overrated (and overpriced) place to start a new tech company. Compared to where I'm from (and currently still reside), Austin, I haven't really been wowed with the talent over there vs over here. The big difference I've seen is that the people over in Silicon Valley just seem more big-headed about what they do.

Comment: Re:Perl still works, and PHP is fine (Score 1) 536

Judging by the fact that most of Facebook is based on PHP, it sounds to me like it's pretty robust... It's also object oriented.

And functional

The only drawback that I would find as a code-geek is weak typing

Which Facebook is addressing with their language Hack, which is heavily based on the PHP language. As a bonus, you also get a language that's built from the ground-up to be fully functional with their HHVM technology. It's an exciting time for PHP.

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I'd imagine if a large enough pool of bitcoins were for sure confirmed missing (not sure if that can even be tracked), the block difficulty would probably be lowered and miners would be awarded new bitcoins at a higher rate for solving more blocks, thus fixing the shortage problem.

Comment: Re:The fed killed drug research for decades. (Score 1) 221

Personally, I believe that the benefits you list can be achieved with relaxation

Are you fucking kidding me? Tell that to my friend who's currently undergoing chemotherapy to combat stage IV cancer, which is likely to kill her within the year. It's a little hard to just relax without outside help knowing that she's about to leave a family behind at the age of 30...

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by pak9rabid (#46409627) Attached to: Comcast Turning Chicago Homes Into Xfinity Hotspots
I fail to see how this changes anything, other than you now have an additional network behind your router. The border gateway into your house from your ISP is already potentially "compromised" by them, in that they have the final say of how your public IP gets used. Setting the ISP's router into bridged mode and giving your own router full control of your public IP is really what you want. I'm finding, however, that this seems to be a dying trend (Time Warner's Roadrunner service still allows it, but they're hiding the page to set your router into bridged mode such that you have to know the direct URL to the router's page to control this...I imagine they'll probably just do away with this feature entirely in the future). As far as I know, services like AT&T's U-verse and Google Fiber don't even allow setting your router into bridged mode at all (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong).

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by pak9rabid (#46399245) Attached to: RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores
Radio Shack is worthless. Every time I go in there looking for something, they never have it. The last thing I went in for that that I surely thought they would have (but didn't) was a 1+ amp micro-USB power adapter for a Raspberry Pi. They're more interested in selling shitty phones to idiots than stocking things that are actually useful.

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