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Comment: Run, Ballmer, run (Score 1) 169

by paiute (#47829583) Attached to: Steve Ballmer Authored the Windows 3.1 Ctrl-Alt-Del Screen
Ballmer always struck me as a Gump-like character who accumulated wealth and thus influence through no talent of his own. He stumbled into Microsoft with no more to offer the world than a guy off the street who pulls a slot machine arm and wins a billion dollar jackpot. At least Forrest was likable.

Comment: Not my experience (Score 1) 441

by paiute (#47729925) Attached to: Tech Looks To Obama To Save Them From 'Just Sort of OK' US Workers
"The vast, vast majority of tech engineers that I talked to who are from the United States are very supportive of bringing in people from other countries because they want to work with the very best." Replace tech engineers with chemists or biochemists and that is absolutely not true.

Comment: Cascade of brown noses (Score 4, Interesting) 235

by paiute (#47684867) Attached to: Email Is Not Going Anywhere
FFS, is this going to be another breathless article about how corporate email is going out to be replaced by Yammer or some other platform de jour? Because that shit is just a waste of time. When my corporation jumped on the Yammer train (no doubt after a fiery sales pitch by some consultant), I started to see - in my email inbox, ironically - the hourly Yammer feed. It was 95% comprised of threads started by upper management which had zero to do with my day's work and which accreted into long long long posts as middle and junior managers jumped in with witless 'great idea!!!!' comments. You could smell the fecal matter on their noses. The other 5% was actual information passing between business units I had no contact with or interest in. But I am sure that in the next year or so some bright MBA will be sold on the idea of abandoning email and transitioning over to whatever the kids are using that week so that instead of getting actual targeted communications in my inbox I will be deluged with useless bullshit.

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