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Comment: This will be a litmus test (Score 1, Interesting) 207

by paiute (#46800717) Attached to: Cody Wilson Interview at Reason: Happiness Is a 3D Printed Gun
When printable guns become more feasible, it will be revealing what the NRA has to say about it. One one hand, you would think they would support this in the name of the Second Amendment and so on. I predict that the NRA will not be able to spit out the teat of gun manufacturers corporate money and will find some convoluted way to oppose private citizens making their own arms.

Comment: It seems so obvious now (Score 2) 447

by paiute (#46733237) Attached to: Commenters To Dropbox CEO: Houston, We Have a Problem
Perhaps if you are a company which should have privacy concerns right up at the top of your list of to dos you should not appoint a board member who by all accounts gives not a shit for privacy concerns?

By the by, wouldn't life be the tits if I had no background in tech other than abusing it but had political connections as 99% of my resume and could land sweetheart preIPO deals like this?

Comment: Re:The Founding Fathers are crying.. (Score 1) 284

by paiute (#46602601) Attached to: U.S. Court: Chinese Search Engine's Censorship Is 'Free Speech'

You should actually read the first ten amendments sometime. The way they are written

Congress shall make no law...

When the founding fathers wrote this, they intended to for the states to be able to pass laws restricting freedom of speech and religion.

Nonsense. The states have constitutions of their own which guarantee the rights of their citizens. The Constitution of Massachusetts, for example, was adopted seven years before the US version and in many ways is even more protective of individual rights than the federal.

Comment: Pretty simple (Score 1) 490

by paiute (#46586763) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?
The USPS doesn't throttle the DVD supply to my house - at least not yet. Maybe there will be a Postal Service Movie Delivery System in the future which competes with them. Then my Netflix envelopes will mysteriously take two weeks to arrive from the next zip code. They will come ripped and often broken and mixed in with offers to enroll in the PSMDS if I am no longer happy with Netflix' service.

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