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User Journal

paitre's Journal: *snort*

Journal by paitre

Ok, first, sorry for feeding that troll.

Folks like that -really- irritate me, because they obviously don't know what a real SysAdmin has to deal with. -ESPECIALLY- at a top-notch research school where the need for high-end computing is growing.

Janitors don't develop processes the more effeciently manage remote systems. Janitors don't -write- all the design docs and actualy code that runs those processes. Hell, most "real" programmers wouldn't have a clue where to even start, what language(s) to use, or what the end goal is.

A SysAdmin does.

C and Perl are my tools, and I use them well. C++, Java, shell-scripts, etc are my specialty bits, and are used if/when necessary.
Linux is my workshop, and I make it sing.

Maybe when 256 and 512 processor HPC systems are commonplace (and listen people, there are less than a -thousand- of these systems globally, mmkay?), you can start saying they folks managing them are like "janitors". Until then, fuck off. We're the people blazing the trail so that fuckwads like that can get a 20k a year job pushing buttons.


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