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User Journal

Journal: Amused.

Journal by paitre

It's interesting how a single post can somehow make it impossible for me to continue posting. Good job mods.

Of course, this is retarded considering my karma is STILL excellent, and I'm sure I'll have mod rights (again) sometime soon, since I seem to get them at least once a month (if not more).

Still. If a single post out of over 300 can get down-modded so much to COUNTER-ACT MY ENTIRE 8 YEAR HISTORY, I dunno if I'm going to stick around. Good job mods. You anti-semitic retards.

Edited August 9th :
Lookie! A week later and I have MODERATOR RIGHTS AGAIN!!!
This site's a fucking joke these days.

User Journal

Journal: Pissed.

Journal by paitre

NOW I'm pissed.
Bruce Perens submits a story TWELVE FUCKING HOURS after I submitted the same GODDAMNED THING and he gets posted and I get rejected.

It's the same story fuckheads, and I'm fairly sure I got there first. Fucking idiots.

User Journal

Journal: *snort*

Journal by paitre

Ok, first, sorry for feeding that troll.

Folks like that -really- irritate me, because they obviously don't know what a real SysAdmin has to deal with. -ESPECIALLY- at a top-notch research school where the need for high-end computing is growing.

Janitors don't develop processes the more effeciently manage remote systems. Janitors don't -write- all the design docs and actualy code that runs those processes. Hell, most "real" programmers wouldn't have a clue where to even start, what language(s) to use, or what the end goal is.

A SysAdmin does.

C and Perl are my tools, and I use them well. C++, Java, shell-scripts, etc are my specialty bits, and are used if/when necessary.
Linux is my workshop, and I make it sing.

Maybe when 256 and 512 processor HPC systems are commonplace (and listen people, there are less than a -thousand- of these systems globally, mmkay?), you can start saying they folks managing them are like "janitors". Until then, fuck off. We're the people blazing the trail so that fuckwads like that can get a 20k a year job pushing buttons.


User Journal

Journal: *snerf*

Journal by paitre

Y'know, Jack Daniel's is pretty good with Dr Pepper Red Fusion. It really is quite nice. *heh*

In other events...a couple days ago (or so) I posted about my moving from corporate life to academia. I'm -psyched-. I'm tired of dealing with stupid -FUCKING- users and their whiny ass bitching.
I'm sorry, you're server's down because the goddamn'd -harddrive- failed. It takes time to pull 12GB of data from tape, you MORON. *mutters*
Beholden to myself, and to the department head is gonna be nice...and having to support all of -MAYBE- 30-40 users (instead of the -250,000- I fight with now) is gonna be beyond nice :)

Nov 4 I start at Hopkins. Oh yeah...i can hardly wait :)

User Journal

Journal: *blink* 2

Journal by paitre

I decide to poke about in my account menu for the first time in -years- (yeah, I've been around here that long...bite me lusers), and discover that someone likes me (ie. has me on their "Friends" list).
I mean, WTF? Not that I'm not grateful or anything, but this has to mean that my 3-ish years of lurking and keeping a low profile are starting to end....

'bout damned time, too.

"The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy." -- Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards