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+ - musikCube 1.0 Final Released->

Submitted by painworthy
painworthy (979388) writes "Good news everyone! The final version of musikCube 1.0 is out at last. Huzzah! musikCube is a light, feature-rich, highly extensible Open Source Media Player for Windows. Great interface, extremely fast database management, and superb play list support make this the best music player you'll ever use. Download it now- you'll never look back.

At least, this is definitely the best music player/organizer I have ever come across and it's open source. musikCube is fast and has low memory usage which is great for people who demand every bit of their processing power and RAM while still wishing to listen to their great sounding music lag free in a feature rich program. My browser alone consumes over 100 MB's of memory and 70% of my CPU, I keep a lot of tabs open, musikCube fits perfectly in the tiny amount of memory I have left and has done so for the last two years.

I almost forgot to mention musikCube's ability to organize your music. The organizational abilities of this program are unbelievable. There are libraries for organizing your music, batch re-tagging, views to sort your music by any number of methods, play lists, dynamic play lists, ratings, and much much more. Even with HUGE music libraries musikCube stays quick and efficient.

There are also a couple of other good reasons I made musikCube my only music player and organizer. One reason is the ability for the community to make music format plugins and regular plugins. A few of the plug-ins are a mini-player, Winamp emulation, shutdown timer, import/export play list, an alarm, AudioScrobbler plug-in, there 13 formats supported right now, and too many more to list. Another of my reasons is musikCube's community, which is over 1700 people large on the forum and growing. Some of the community members have even done translations of musikCube to other languages. The equalizer's 16 bands are also extremely impressive (there is a 6 band option too). You can also adjust the colors of the user interface too (mine is green and black).

There are so many more features of this program I am failing to mention. You just have to see musikCube for yourself if you haven't already downloaded it. All and all this is my favorite program hands down. If you are skeptical about musikCube just try it and you will see I was not kidding.

There is also pretty decent end user and developer documentation in musikCube's wiki.

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