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Comment: Re:Australian Tokay makes me sad (Score 1) 302

by paintswithcolour (#33474574) Attached to: Australia Adopts EU's Geographical Indicator System For Wine


Champagne, Switzerland has been producing wine since before Dom Perignon came up with his method of making sparkling wine

Actually Dom Perignon worked hard to prevent the formation of sparkling wine, because it represented quite a big health hazard. Personally I think the threat of exploding wine bottles would have some parties a lot more fun.

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by paintswithcolour (#29152747) Attached to: New Logitech Dark Field Mice Operate On Glass
Dear sir,

We are delighted to hear of your most recent mouse developments. For too long has there been a line of segregation between those who work inside the office, and those that work outside. Before down, we only understood the concept of Internet time-wasting (an oft mentioned topic on Slashdot) in theory. Finally, we will get to surf porn at work and play flash games, with the same freedoms are everyone.

Many Thanks,

The Window Cleaners Union

Comment: Re:Why don't they convert games to English? (Score 1) 90

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Something more akin to col~er/col~eur, I think. I believe the spare 'u' just acts as a phonetic modifier, like a silent 'e'; it's inclusion should be a pronunciation aid. After all, it's not pronounced col-or either.

It's probably not something to get too worked up about; but it does smack of laziness on the part of publishers that they can't be bothered to change this stuff. It's prevalent across all mediums though, and doesn't seem to work the other way around. The colour of Magic, for example, is billed as color in the US. But I still have to wince when I see adverts for the Time Travelers Wife shown in the UK.

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It's not just you, but it's not every gamer either.

It all depends on how you perceive enjoyment from a game. Personally, if the story is tight and engaging but linear I'll happy sit through almost any number of cutscences they throw at me. The idea of an "interactive movie" isn't an instant turn-off, it just has to be a good movie.

The problem with Heavy Rain and its type, is how to attract the right audience. Adventure fans may be drawn in with a story, no matter how conceptually linear, but they'll hate the twitch controls. But an action gamer is going to find the notion of any kind of 'game' here to be severely lacking.

But if they pull off the kind of dynamic storytelling they're promising then they may have something on their hands...

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I'd be happier using Brain, if it would consider an open-source move. At the moment it represents the worst kind of vendor-lock in; I constantly feel tied down to the same hardware. And it has a complete monopoly on thinking. Plus, it's often unreliable - never updated - doesn't run Linux - and requires a reboot at least once a day. I hope for a community solution soon.

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Like the other poster mentions there doesn't seem to be any objective metric here at all.

Bioshock sold well and was well received - but I wouldn't call it influential - you'd have to put System Shock on the list then surely.

But on the other hand I thought Ico was considered a commercial failure - despite being well received. It does count as an influence for the, much better selling, Shadow of the Colossus (so why isn't that on the list instead?).

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It's not just the viewing experience. Computers almost always do something crazy to my attention span; I can read a book for a long time, but on a computer I'd struggle to concentrate. It happens with almost everything, watching movies, reading, writing on a computer - there's an overwhelming feeling that I could just be doing something else too. I'm just too weak willed and...

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(1) That's because they recalled that a previous Democracy in Athens had killed one of mankind's greatest thinkers, Socrates, simply because they didn't like him.

That's a tad oversimplifying things. Plato stood strongly against democracy, and (although we don't know) it's not unreasonable to suggest that Socrates did too. Plato's Socrates may have been killed because "they didn`t like him", but the real Socrates? He may very well of been the man that brought tyranny to the city.

The Internet

+ - Demonoid down - for now

Submitted by craig1709
craig1709 (1113765) writes "From

"The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding."
People have been wondering if Demonoid is down for good, apparently the IRC channel stated the following:

21:41 | * Topic is 'Welcome to #Demonoid | Site is down, tracker is up. Expect the site to return, unless we hear otherwise from Deimos.'

+ - Wii owners get the shaft on Guitar Hero 3 1

Submitted by
Jeezus Kriist
Jeezus Kriist writes "The Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 seems to suffer from a lack of effort. The most pressing problem being the sound. There is a distinct lack of surround sound from the game, and more than that there seems to be only monorail sound available. If you set the game to surround, only the center channel works, and if you set it to stereo it plays the same sound out of both channels. Who puts out a music game without testing the audio configuration?! Add to that the poor graphics which seem to have been ported straight over from the PS2 version. There are no star power animation effects, which kinda take the fun out of star power. I don't think it would have been that difficult to build the "low-res" (as in not the high-res 360 and PS3 graphics) graphics for the Wii version and then port them down to the PS2. ...and why can't I buy a Wii guitar controller without the game?! I've seen several complaints on several message boards, but I've yet to see anything from a source that can get some mass attention drawn to this problem, and I really think it needs it. I know that I feel pretty ripped off, and I doubt I'm the only one. Activision needs to fix this, or suffer the wrath of the next-gen system with the (currently) largest user base, which also just happens to be built around casual games like guitar hero. I've noticed some problems with the timing of the notes as well... You can tell me I just suck, but set the Wii version to easy, and then get back back to me about how many times notes you hit just didn't register. :P I don't care if you post this or not, I just want enough attention brought up about this that ACtivision can't ignore it."

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