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Comment Re:Your faith in sports terms is misguided. (Score 1) 315

There's already plenty of hostility towards business in the US whether there is reason for it or not.

Their adversarial attitude they regained in the 1980s, with respect to the workforce and other non-business entities, is the source of such hostility.

And how does one kill a business when the business has no presence in the countries where one wants to do the killing.

The US has more than a few allies that are happy to help. Case in point, Huawei - a CPC-run "company" built from stolen parts of Canada's Nortel - has a restricted presence in the US and Australia for matters of national security.

Comment Re:Noooo, Seriously? (Score 1) 134


Nothing frustrates me more than when I hear the far left say that we should allow China to continue on their path. The right will scream that we are letting them get away with murder (of course, they do not mean it literally, but it is ), however, they refuse to put a tax on goods even though any company can easily get out of it: SImply have the parts manufactured in clean states/nations.

Now, to be honest, we should not do a tariff (which is a tax on goods that move in/out of a nation/state). Instead, it should be a tax on all goods that are consumed locally. And it should be BEFORE the retailer, or if mailed, as part of that. With this approach combined with real monitoring,and normalizing based on emissions / GDP, we can reward those nations that clean up, while going after those that are chosing to emit. In addition, if a nation does like China and manipulates their money by dropping its value, that is fine. It simply means more emissions / $ GDP. As such, it behooves nations to NO cheat at it.

Comment Sadly it doesnt fix the problems... (Score 5, Informative) 42

IOT is a fail because of manufacturers.

For example, ZigBee connected light bulbs, GE Link, Cree Connected, and Phillips Hue all use their OWN modified protocol. First the use the ZLL protocol instead of the ZHA that they should be using, then they refuse to repeat signals for other brands. So you have some cheap Cree bulbs in entryways and hallways, but have the expensive white color temperature bulbs for elsewhere... Oh they don't mesh, sorry. They also don't mesh with your other devices so you have a horribly broken and fractured mess that barely works.

IoT is an epic fail because we don't have a group of people going to different manufacturers with a sack of rocks and beating the shit out of executives and head engineers. I blame ZigBee and Z-Wave for not forcing companies at gunpoint to follow a freaking standard, but the engineers and executives made the decision to be assholes and intentionally be incompatible.

Comment Re:In car navitagion is done better elsewhere (Score 1) 392

Yep. I ripped out the BMW navigation in my X3 and replaced it with a Garmin. Heck BMW europe even has a special tray to replace the flip up in dash display with a garmin mount so it looks stock and has power right there from the car.

900X better, FREE LIFETIME MAPS AND TRAFFIC instead of the $225 per year for the craptastic update disks from BMW.

Comment Problem with the survey... (Score 1) 392

80% of new vehicle buyers are OLD PEOPLE. 20 somethings can't afford a $45,000 new car, unless they are financially stupid or landed that $100K a year job right away.

And then they dont want the utter crap locked in garbage that the auto makers want to deliver us.

Comment Re:I have a question. (Score 2) 60

What's the motivation for replacing humans in various jobs with a robot?

To cut costs and/or improve quality.

The outcome is going to be terrible

Possibly. Then again, maybe not -- you've seen what the open Internet did for information (which is now easily available to most people at very low cost); perhaps robotics can do the same for goods and services.

"But what about all those people who will lose their menial jobs", you ask? They'll have to find some other way to make a living, is the answer. But with manufactured goods and services practically making themselves, that shouldn't be so difficult to do -- if nothing else, the government could put a tax on automation and use a portion of the wealth they generate to provide every citizen with a guaranteed stipend. People would then have time to learn more advanced skills that would make them employable again, or they could just become (effectively) retirees, and do things they enjoy rather than do menial work most of their lives. Either way, they wouldn't starve.

Of course that will require some political will, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Our society has absorbed changes of similar magnitude before, it can probably do so again.

Comment Noooo, Seriously? (Score 1) 134

I have been posting about the fact that China is gaming this pretty badly, and the far left just ignores this.
That is why the west desperately needs to put in a tax on ALL GOODS (local and imported) based on where the item and parts come from.
However, we need to make sure of what the actual CO2 is. Since so many nations, esp. the worst one being China, are gaming this, we need hourly sat photos over the planet to check how much is generated and absorbed in all areas. OCO2 is just one sat. OCO3 will be added to ISS early next year. With a couple of more sats, we can see everything and make sure that nobody is cheating.
In addition, we need to normalize this properly. CO2 is tied to GDP, not ppl. In general, ppl do not make the choices where large emissions come from. It is businesses and gov. that make those choices. In addition, when population rise massively, CO2 increases very little. However, when GDP increases, CO2 increases with it, and typically at a faster pace. So, we need to set this up for emissions / $GDP (real). In addition, to keep nations from cheating, it needs to be $GDP (real), not $GDP( ppp ).

Without such a mechanism in place, all nations will have a strong incentive to cheat. WIth this in place, there is ZERO incentive, since all can see the REAL data.

Sadly, the far left will fight it because it harms China, while the far right will say that it increases tax on all goods, which is not true.

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