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Comment Re: I'd be wary of Musk, too (Score 1) 103'>for numbers not much better in 2015, they are at 10,600 for first 9 months. And with sales of 2-3000 for the 2 summers months. And that was before the diesel issue was shown. My guess is that will jump them up to 3-4000 / month rather quickly.

Comment The blood is on Snowden's (& Greenwald's) hand (Score -1, Flamebait) 264

For someone that aided and abetted a traitorous criminal, I'm not sure that Greenwald can explain this one away. They have yet to answer how intelligence agencies are supposed to work when they're supposed to give notice at the worst of times.

Events like Paris are enabled and amplified by the Snowden-caused damage caused to intelligence collecting agencies.

Comment Re: He gets stuff done, making others look bad (Score 1) 103

Being profit driven is great when it is long-term. Short-term profits are normally done for stock manipulation so that the executives can sell their options (and this is a disaster to the companies).
However, Musk is NOT profit driven. He is goal driven, of which the making of profits is a side-effect, not the ONLY goal.

Comment Re: I'd be wary of Musk, too (Score 1) 103

The demand is outstripping their supply. Right now, if they could product 250,000 MS, they would be able to sell it just in America and Europe ALONE. In fact, what keeps Mercedes S-class from dropping massively is the fact that tesla can NOT produce enough. OTOH, all of the other competition has dropped massively in America and Europe.

Comment Re: He gets stuff done, making others look bad (Score 2) 103

You think that 100% of spacex's money for the manned system is the feds? You must be with Boeing or l-mart ( 1 step below k-mart ). Boeing had over 620 million, while spacex is less than 540 million. In addition, Boeing gets 4.6 billion contract to finish it out and launch twice. Spacex gets 2.6b to finish it out and 3 flights. Spacex is putting a lot of their money into this. Boeing? Not a penny.

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