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Comment: Re:Why not just destroy your old phone? (Score 1) 218

by painandgreed (#47416745) Attached to: Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos

By the time it is old it is worthless. Just smash it up and throw it in the river.

Because, when I am done with it, it is essentially an wifi enabled mp3 player with browser that I can take and use in situations where I might fear getting my new phone broke, lost, or wet.

Comment: Re:Aperture-specific plugins... (Score 1) 214

by painandgreed (#47351349) Attached to: Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It

Anyone who chose Aperture over Lightroom or any of the other competition (DxO, CaptureOne) deserves to learn a bit of a hard lesson for making a poor choice.

Certainly Adobe has never replaced a current product with a new one (eg Pagemaker and InDesign, or Bridge with Lightroom, in function anyway).

Comment: Re:Seattle has a date? Nice!!! (Score 1) 61

by painandgreed (#47350705) Attached to: Seattle Gets Takeout By Amazon

We don't care if smoking outside is illegal. We didn't care that smoking weed was illegal a year ago when we smoked it, we didn't care 20 years ago when we were smoking it. It didn't stop us. So thinking that saying it's illegal and you'll get ticketed by the Seattle Pigs is really pointless. We don't give a fuck. Either take a hit off that joint, or pass it.

Pretty much. The police went to great efforts to make sure that if anything happened, their role in legalization was clear, and that pretty much boiled down to that they don't have to give a damn. Sure, there's a ticket for smoking it in public, just like there is for jaywalking. I suspect that Seattle will end up giving out both tickets in the same situations, either because you're really unlucky or talking back to a cop who asked you politely not to do what you are doing. Getting such a ticket will be a mark of honor that you can show your friends from out of state. I've known enough cops to guess that if somebody complained to a cop about not having a legal place to buy it, they'd just look at them funny and say "Jesus Christ, where were you getting it before it was legal? Just back there, they still have it."

Comment: Re:Seattle has a date? Nice!!! (Score 1) 61

by painandgreed (#47333465) Attached to: Seattle Gets Takeout By Amazon

> Seattle has just been sitting in a cloud of smoke.

Bullshit. The liquor control board has not allowed a single store to open yet. Also, there are more laws, rules, and fines wrt marijuana than there were before this fake legalization so there have been many more arrests. Also, it is still illegally federally so it is still very hard to find. I have never even seen it in the Seattle area.

Then I propose that you are not in the Seattle area. Even before it was legal, I could run across people smoking it on the street twice a week while walking around doing my own business. Now it's about double that. Essentially, everybody who used to smoke pot still does and does so openly. Even before it was generally legal, there were green cards for the giving by sympathetic doctors and stuff being distributed by sympathetic green card holders. Most of the pot enforcement has been on the medical marijuana dispensaries who are openly breaking the law. Even then, there was a news article how the police found suppliers of such growing too many plants, 2000 when they are allowed 45. The police took the extra plants, leaving them with 45, and left without ticketing anybody. If you really are in the Seattle area and haven't seen lots of pot, then you are probably too old to have any connections and your friends are boring.

Comment: Re:It's always dark matter. Except when it isn't. (Score 1) 100

by painandgreed (#47319403) Attached to: Mysterious X-ray Signal Hints At Dark Matter

But, until we figure out why galactic rotation curves are wonky, everyone will claim everything is due to dark matter.

Well, rotation curves, gravitational lensing by galaxies, missing amounts of matter needed in the beginning universe to show us what we are seeing today, and about four other separate methods of observations that are all hinting at the same thing. Thing is that this isn't a fad, it's been one of many different theories put forth and tested since these observations started popping up in the early part of the 20th century. So far, everything theory that hasn't been "matter that doesn't interact with EM radiation" has failed while "dark matter" actually has successes such as the Bullet Cluster. Meanwhile, such explainations such as MOND, modified gravitational equations, have yet to come up with even a hypothetical example that matches what we see. It's not a fad at this point, just tested science. Difference is that you are just hearing about it. It is a developing theory, less than a hundred years old from the first observational evidence, but at this point, if what is causing all of these observations isn't "matter that doesn't interact with EM radiation", it's something that acts just like it and is much stranger.

Comment: Re:Is there a 'less nerdy version'? (Score 1) 347

by painandgreed (#47316845) Attached to: Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

Unless between us and the supernova is some "dark matter" :-) (or something alike) that caused the photons to have the extra delay :-)

*cough* It's called "dark" because it does not interact with EM radiation, ie photons. Gravity from the dark matter will affect the photons, but as in the rest of gravity of the originating galaxy itself, will just cause a shift in frequency not velocity.

Comment: Re:Yeah Coke isn't a billion times tastier than ot (Score 1) 254

by painandgreed (#47307929) Attached to: The Bursting Social Media Advertising Bubble

Coke isn't a billion times tastier than Joe's cola. It sells a billion times as much because it's been advertised a billion times as much.

I prefer [Mexican, sugar-based] Coca-Cola to pretty much every other cola out there on the basis of flavor, no matter how much advertising I consume. Which for me, is very little. I probably hear more commercials while shopping than in the rest of my life combined because I consume streaming and not broadcast media, and I use ad blockers.

A friend of mine used to have movie nights with a considerable number of people. I brought some Canadian Coke (also sugar based) and decided to do my own blind taste test with corn syrup Coke. In every single case, between two unmarked glasses, everybody picked the sugar Coke as being better than the corn syrup Coke.

Comment: Re:And as a university professor in a non-USA coun (Score 1) 538

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I know this same model exists in most Latin American countries. European states have a somewhat different program, but still, public (government-funded and tuition-free) universities are all but the norm. I just cannot understand how the USA continues to function (some would even say, thrive) under such schemes.

When I went to my university, it was almost all foreign students from China and the middle east. On a good day, the physics department had about 25 undergrads, if you included the probable engineers that hadn't really decided their majors yet, and about 160 grad students, almost all were Chinese. I went to school more than two decades ago, but still live next to two colleges and the population of foreign Asians is still very high. At the teaching hospital I work at, most of the foreign residents are Indian with an occasional European.

Comment: Re:Same story (Score 1) 142

by painandgreed (#47285227) Attached to: Will 7nm and 5nm CPU Process Tech Really Happen?

There is a limit we'll hit eventually, we're approaching circuits that are single digit atoms wide. No matter what we'll never get a circuit less than a single atom.

We'll go optical, and we'll use photons...

Don't think that will work. We'll still need optical channels and by time we are limited to the size of an atom, smaller photons will be in the gamma ray frequencies which are ionizing and will probably pass through the rest of the computer anyway.

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