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Comment: Re:too many slashdotters (Score 1) 172

by painandgreed (#49547939) Attached to: I spend most of my time ...

Must live in NYC, the bay area or Seattle area. Way too many people along the coast. Where are all those Denver contributors?

Not really, Most of Seattle (~300-440'), Dallas (430'), and St. Louis (465') are in the same category. Most of the country is under 1000' which can be reached in a 10 minute drive from the shore in Seattle.

Comment: Re:Habeus Corpus (Score 2) 335

by painandgreed (#49528265) Attached to: Update: No Personhood for Chimps Yet

Nim was one of the chimps I heard about, I think. I specifically remember a story about smoking marijuana. The actual phrase was "stone smoke". The story went that guy telling the story was working on a grad paper on w weekend the chimp was living with him, and the chimp came in and was signing something like "make stone smoke" but he had to finish the paper so he kept telling him later. After a while he realized he hadn't see the chimp in a bit so he went looking and found the chimp who had not only found his stash, but was about halfway through rolling a decent looking joint.

Comment: Re:Habeus Corpus (Score 1) 335

by painandgreed (#49528175) Attached to: Update: No Personhood for Chimps Yet
It was 20+ years ago, but there were other chimps including Washoe, or at least I remember hearing the name. Not sure if it was Fouts I listened to, but here's his web page,Washoe's move to OK. There were more chimps involved and more grad students. I forget which one I heard stories from but he ran a shop on campus corner which had a picture of a bird drawn by one of the chimps.

Comment: Re:Habeus Corpus (Score 4, Informative) 335

by painandgreed (#49520983) Attached to: Update: No Personhood for Chimps Yet

"The ruling marks the first time in U.S. history that an animal has been covered by a writ of habeus corpus, which typically allows human prisoners to challenge their detention." While I question some of the treatment of research animals, what exactly did the chimps ask of the court?

Careful what you ask for. I knew some of the people involved with an old program at OU teaching chimps sign language. They eventually had the vocabularies of human 3 year olds. The program was eventually cancelled and the chimps split up to other research facilities. I've heard the stories from the grad students involved about how they would go visit those chimps, and they would sign "I'm in pain. I want to go home." while in the cages.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 356

I hope we reach "peak phone" soon, because for those of us who don't spend every waking moment with our cell phone, the shit which is focused around that is kind of tedious.

I'm waiting for that moment to pass, and then I will finally get a smart phone. My wife has a smart phone, but I'm the techie, and I still have a flip phone. It's $15, no contract, easily replaceable, and does everything that my first $250 flip phone did years ago. I'm thrilled with it.

Unfortunately, I have the feeling that this will end up more like me when I didn't even have a phone. My grandmother was going to be in town and just said "Give me your cell number and I'll call you once we're downtown and ready for lunch." It was awkward and she just assumed since I was a techie, that I would have a cell phone. I figured I should get one and did so before she arrived on her trip. I suspect, at some point, feature phone people will find themselves unable to operate normally in society. They'll have to get a smartphone or become noticeably eccentric.

Comment: Evocation 13 (Score 2) 288

by painandgreed (#49520367) Attached to: Robot Workers' Real Draw: Reducing Dependence on Human Workers

A high-level call came in from London. Nikolai, surprised and intrigued, took the call himself. A young mans’s face appeared on the screen. “I’m a headhunter and have your first manager ready to jump ship and come work for you,” he said.

Nikolai frowned. “What?”

“The person who you worked for at your first job. You liked her and said she was a great boss. You told her so. I have it on tape.”

“You must be joking,” Nikolai said. “That manager was just a cybernetic interface. You can’t headhunt a data system.”

“Yes, I can,” the young man said truculently. “The old expert system’s been scrapped in favor of a new one with a sounder ideology. Look.” A second face appeared on the screen: it was a superhumanly smooth and faintly glowing image of his old manager. “Please hire me, Nikolai,” the image said woodenly.”I hate it here.”

The young man’s face reappeared. Nikolai laugh in credulously. “So you’ve saved the old tapes?” Nikolai said. “I don’t know what your game is, but I supposed the data has a certain value. I’m prepared to be generous.” He named a price. The young man shook his head. Nikolai grew impatient. “Look,” he said. “What makes you think a mere expert system has any objective worth?”

“I know it does, “ the young man said. “I’m one myself.”

(Apologies to Bruce Sterling.)

Comment: Re:1 million dollars per family? (Score 1) 536

Well, I don't expect anyone earning MINIMUM WAGE to own their own home, regardless. Do you? That's what renting is for. Move up out of minimum wage, then we'll talk about ownership.

As somebody looking at buying a house this year, paying mortgage is generally less than paying rent. This is especially true if you take into account the next 20 to 30 years of rent increases you'll have to go through.

Comment: Re:Peak 3d printer (Score 1) 177

by painandgreed (#49497361) Attached to: MakerBot Lays Off 20 Percent of Its Employees

They were bought by businesses that specifically needed rapid prototyping, or they were bought by hobbyists that got into it as the latest craze. There's only so much of either, so once that small market is saturated there's less need for companies supplying whole printers.

I'll disagree. They are getting to the point that they are moving from fast prototyping to small batch manufacturing. I'll probably never buy one, but I find myself using one more and more as I realize that when I want one of something for myself, I can have it made fairly easily. Another friend has a business out of designing jewelry and having it 3D printed out of sinistered metals. The tools and skills needed to create the needed designs to use them will probably prevent household adoption anytime soon, but I can see them getting more popular if only as a service.

Comment: Re:The real extinction (Score 1) 93

by painandgreed (#49497185) Attached to: Newly Discovered Sixth Extinction Rivals That of the Dinosaurs

The evidence of man's mass extinction is so vast and well-documented, that I'm going to go ahead and say you haven't done a lick of research. Saying there's no evidence for the Holocene Extinction is tantamount to saying we aren't changing the climate or evolution is not happening. You're either lying or illiterate. Or both.

Not really, it's just that the IUE has gotten together and as the last agenda of the conference had a vote and declared it as a "dwarf extinction" and not to be classified with the other classical extinctions. It seems that although it fit past definitions of extinctions, they decided to redefined them rather than be faced with too many extinctions they'd rather not talk about.

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 599

Because SJW's want the world to be what they *want* it to be, not what it actually *is*.

Well duh! Who doesn't want a better world? It may be a lot better than it was, but it is hardly perfect and has a long way to go, especially if you aren't in a western country. If you don't want a better world, then you're either deluded in thinking it's perfect already or seeking to leverage your advantages over others.

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 2) 599

Yet we are just creating more and more by bullshit like this. Usually it's just for women's benefit, but in this case there's also discrimination against gals too.

Why can't we just end this bullshit and let children grow up to do want they want to do?

This is about letting children do what they want to do and about giving them a place where they can do it without society or their so called peers bullying them because of it. If you are really wondering why this is all going on, you could always take some courses in sociology and they'd explain everything to you.

Comment: Re:A first: We should follow Germany's lead (Score 1) 700

by painandgreed (#49481331) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

Well I am sure they did not solve all their problems with Murder. For example I do not think they killed every single trade unionist. And probably did many things like just removing the law allowing/protecting trade unions.

First, they arrested the powerful and influential trade unionists and sent them to a concentration camps, closed all trade union offices, and confiscated all their money. Then they set up a new organizations stating that trade unions had been nationalized and denied access to anybody they did not like. They gave the workers more holidays, froze pay, and took away any rights to strike or complain. Even though by that time Hitler had the ability to write his own laws, he never bothered to and there was no legal backing to any of it.

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