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Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 310

Why? Mars is much easier. Moon is only slightly closer (energetically speaking).

Naw, the moon would be much easier. Energetically, there might not be a big difference, but timewise there is. Both in radiation exposure and return ability in case of an emergency, the moon is far more favorable for initial experimentation travel outside of LEO. The gravity is also less which makes it easier to land and get off of. Mars has an atmosphere which is too thin to help land and too thick to ignore. Combined with the higher gravity, the moon is much more easier once again. From there, you get trade offs. Mars has perchlorates and the moon as sharp regolith. I'd like to see a manned Mars trip, but it is by no means easier than the moon. I suspect that any serious plan for Mars will probably include moon trips to test.

Comment Re:Can a Hillary supporter step up and explain? (Score 1) 634

Not a Clinton supporter but my 2 cents: Her supporters like progressivism and are willing to turn a blind eye to the shenanigans. They aren't principled. At least not in a moral sense. The most common answer that I hear: "It's time for a woman to be president." I didn't know that genitals were a qualification for any job other than porn.

I'm not a Clinton supporter either, not even a Democrat, but my 2 cents: All the shenanigans really do seem to be mostly Republican bluster with no substance. While I personally am not happy with the entire email thing, that she's a lawyer acting with the power of the Secretary of State before the laws that made what she did illegal, I bet what she did was probably ethical, as in adhering to the letter of the law, at least enough to argue in court and show reasonable doubt. As for her supporters, I know plenty of Democrats and few Hillary supporters, but still they will vote for her if Bernie doesn't get the nomination because she is the lesser of two evils in our two party system, and while they are not happy with her, they sure as hell don't want Trump or Cruz to be President.

Comment Re:BusinessWeek called Ballmer "Monkey Boy". (Score 1) 428

"Forbes shill"? BusinessWeek called Ballmer "Monkey Boy". (See the link.) In comparison, Forbes saying Ballmer was the "worst" is somewhat mild.

Ya, but regardless of what Forbes says, all links to Forbes on /. for the last year are to articles submitted by startswithabang to his own blog, and besides, I stopped going to Forbes because of their lousy click bait site even before their site started choking on adblock.

Comment Re:Apple is doomed (Score 1) 428

Worst CEO in the United States: Quote from an article in Forbes Magazine about Steve Ballmer: "Without a doubt, Mr. Ballmer is the worst CEO of a large publicly traded American company today." Another quote: "The reach of his bad leadership has extended far beyond Microsoft when it comes to destroying shareholder value -- and jobs." (May 12, 2012)

Good try, but I'm still not clicking on the link, you Forbes shill. :-P

Comment Re: Apple is doomed (Score 1) 428

Microsoft has a subscription model. You buy a new version of Windows every one or two years. Except they blew that one up by constantly changing the GUI layout rather than simply polishing the fonts and theme to take advantage of higher resolutions.

They have a subscription model, it's called Enterprise Licensing. Technically, the company I work for has bought the thousands upon thousands of Win10 licenses for all of our machines and rebuy them yearly, but we have the ability to downgrade to Win7 which we do and will continue to do for the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:Open to Questions (Score 1) 1305

Where the hell did Beta go? Everyone here seemed on board and then whoosh, nothing. Like a giant vacuum where no one can hear you compliment the web 3.0 interface. It's a wasted opportunity.

That ... that goes beyond the pale, even for Slashdot trolling. You might as well be reading out load from the Necronomicon.

Well, Beta is one of the foretold signs of the coming of Nyarlathotep, the Faceless God and messenger of the Old Ones.

Comment Re: That's exactly what Slashdot should NOT do! (Score 1) 1305

It is a terrible trend of new age media to down vote dissenting views. Only group think supported here!

I'd be happy if moderators learned the difference between sarcasm, humor, making valid point and actual troll / flamebait and didn't get their undies inappropriately bunched. [ Note: I'm not holding my breath. ]

As a moderator, I'd be happy if posters could make some sarcasm, humor, or make a valid point without coming across as troll / flamebait. Of course that would require actually require something having wit, being funny, or containing supported arguments, while most are just posting reactionary near non-sequitors. Or just use some emoticons or other common internet notations for marking such efforts, as what is bare type on a page often does not convey the same meaning as what it is sounding like in somebody's head when they are typing it as they lose tone and other inflections that the English language uses to denote intention. [Note: I'm not holding my breath.]

Comment Re:NAT, firewall (Score 1) 74

Does anyone seriously have an IP protocol printer that isn't behind a NAT and a firewall to boot? Is this really a thing? Listening printer IP ports sitting out in the DMZ? (*boggle*)

(I guess, or he wouldn't have written the blog.) :/

Doesn't matter. Seems printers these days all have Bluetooth and wireless printing as features and turned on by default with things like Bonjour happily asking outsiders to come in.

Comment Re:This is GOOD. Not BAD. (Score 1) 107

People need to understand that a more technologically advanced Iran means the world will deal with a more advanced country, and a more advanced government, period. Iran has a lot of extremely smart people who's voices are not heard because they are drowned by the voices of the mentally insane.

The sooner Iran values knowledge and science more than it values blind belief in fairy tales, the better for the rest of the world.

The real issue here is that we are dealing with an authoritarian government. It's hardly a blind belief, but belief in a control mechanism over society used to justify their authoritarian stance. Becoming more technologically advanced won't help them any more than Germany being on of the most technologically advanced countries during WW2 helped overthrow the Nazis. Speaking out against their blind beliefs will just single people out long before they become a threat to the government. Sure, I do think that becoming more technologically advanced will help, buy you are speaking on a scale of generations that will most likely come to a head due to other reasons first.

Comment Re:Where Was Leonard During All This? (Score 2) 139

And then it became greedy bastards like Wizards of the Coast who tried to decree like they'd invented the whole damned thing in a vacuum, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Where are all the WoTC apologists to counter such an inflammatory statement?!?

Here I am! Or at least, I have no idea what they're talking about.WoTC bought TSR and keep D&D alive basically as a pet project because they love the game. It certainly doesn't make enough money to keep their Hasbro masters happy, but they are allowed to have such pet projects as long as Magic does bring in the money.

Comment Re:We get it (Score 1) 139

We get it. Commercial is bad. Everything should be non-profit. We should all make the same wage. We should all have the same stuff.

Not sure where you're getting it from. Statement is pretty obviously about Gygax's habit of rewriting stuff to cut others out of the credit and royalties. Dave Arneson being the big one. Just from reading the linked articles, it turns out the rules for thieves were supposedly borrowed from other people's published articles too.

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