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The reason it became a widespread thing was that it was actually a widespread thing. In the late 1800s bananas became so popular that coupled with the practice of the day to leave garbage out on urban streets, rotting banana peels were in fact a noted hazard.

In other discussions on bananas, usually on the demise of the Gros Michael banana, I've heard it stated that such incidents were the major driving force behind public trash cans in cities.

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Why wouldn't it be stable? More gravity means more fusion, not less.

That's exactly why you might expect it not to be stable for long. The mass transfer to the neutron star would be presumably quite large since it is inside the companion, and then, at some point, it will go nova again. Would the companion star survive that?

I wouldn't really expect the mass transfer to be that great. The neutron star is quite small and the red giant, quite large. Also, the neutron star, while inside the red giant, is most likely in a very low density region, it just happens that what is in that low density region is very hot plasma. There might even be other conditions such as a hot boundry layer around the neutron star that prevents too much from falling in like a stellar Leidenfrost effect. Sure, it's not stable, but the lifetime of such a thing is probably lasts far greater than our ability to watch it.

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How do you know? Also, if that's true, was it ever molten, does it have a high density metal core?

Not sure how UnknownSoldier knows that. It certainly doesn't jive with what I've been hearing for the last 20 years since I was in school for physics. Current theory is that the proto Earth was hit by a proto Moon about the size of Mars. Part of the proto-Moon ejected from the collision, unfortunately, the heavy metal cores of both the proto-Earth and proto-Moon stayed with the Earth so the moon does not have a similar metal core and is mostly mantel material. Also, the proto-Moon ejection formed two bodies which re-collided fairly non-violently as things go with the other bit now smooshed onto the back side of the moon.

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Wrong. Full blown communism requires tyrants. How else are you going to confiscate all the private property, and constantly suppress voluntary economic interactions?

Have everybody turn it over voluntarily and refrain from such because they think it is an outmoded and barbaric practice, essentially Star Trek. Sure, there will be detractors, but society won't really be set up any more for them to take advantage and exploit such. They'll be pretty much eccentric hobbiests at best and at worst probably be visited by a counselor to see if they are mentally stable but still allowed to go about their business so long as they are not hurting people past a certain point determined by law. Sort of like people who enjoy acting out Gor novels in the privacy of their own homes currently.

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Honestly, it's time to give up this embargo. It's antiquated, outmoded, and even a little bit hypocritical. We don't have an embargo with China and China is a communist nation. What could it hurt to drop the embargo?

If the Chinese expats of CA were screaming for an embargo against China and large enough to sway the vote of the state, we might see an embargo against China. As it is, until the population of the swing state of Florida wants the embargo lifted, I doubt it will be.

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Am I the only person here who thinks MS are nuts for having paid so much for a product placement. Surely $400,000,000 could have been better spent through other advertising methods.

Yes, they could have just payed less to have the announcers call whatever the teams were using "Microsoft Surface Pro tablets" and avoided all this mess.

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A hipster is somebody who would suddenly get a different taste if (and because) you'd like their taste.

It doesn't necessarily contradict your statement, but from living for two decades in the "hipster part of town", I can pretty much say that a hipster is pretty much any early college age person doing what all the other 20 somethings are doing, just like they pretty much always have. The title stays the same as the looks, clothes, and music all continue to change. The people that most often use the term are usually no longer 20 somethings who are not in touch with youth culture any more, if they ever were.

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It's not evolution it's erosion, we are losing the original meaning and gaining nothing.

We still have the original meaning, but it is has pretty much been limited to college logic classes for most of the last century. Giving pedants and excuse to bitch on the internet has probably boosted the original meanings usage an order of magnitude. If anything, the new meaning has probably saved the old meaning from obscurity and erosion.

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It stands for RINO - these clowns are being bought off by ULA ( just like the bought and paid for dems ( . SpaceX is threat for those that suckle at the big government teat...

The Republicans, the party of Lincoln that preserved the Union, has never been a small government party. The only RINOs are the Dixiecrats that joined the Republican Party under Nixon, were cultivated for their money and votes by Reagan, and now call themselves the Tea Party. How else do you think there came to be a Republican party that rules the South, claims to be state's rights, and is angry there is a black man as president?

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Found a record of the interview: "Rickover tells one applicant he has 10 seconds to make him mad or flunk the session. The midshipman hears Rickover tick down the seconds, then suddenly sweep’s half the contents of Rickover’s desk onto the floor. “I’m mad,” Rickover concedes before hiring the young officer."

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I dunno if I'd have left. It would have been an interesting change to work for someone who is very obviously more insane than me.

I think I would have just answered the questions, even if to say I didn't want to answer them due to personal nature. They were pretty simple questions and if somebody can't answer them pretty simply, they probably aren't the person for the job where they might want thinking outside of the box. Reminds me of the story about when the navy was looking for a captain of the first nuclear sub. Figuring that the needed somebody who could think quick on their feet, the admiral's interview was non-standard and timed as "You have five minutes to make me angry." Most interviewees fumbled and didn't know how to act with a superior officer demanding that they make him angry. The guy that passed looked around, grabbed an award off the admiral's desk and smashed it on the floor.

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Re: "Models like this have been considered such as MOND (MOdified Newtonian Dynamics). These models were largely shot down by the aptly named Bullet Cluster"

Have you considered that there is more than one possible interpretation for the Bullet Cluster?

At this point, while there might be some sort of MOND out there to describe what is going on, currently it would be such a bizarre and complicated theory that nobody can come up with a theoretical set of equations that fits current observational data, let alone could be otherwise tested. And trust me, there are plenty of grad students and other people working on the issue, that would love to find such and get their Nobel if not just playing with it as a mental exercise.

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