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Apparently it actually does.

Except it doesn't, because Apple sold style, not superiority. What brought them back into fashion was the iPod, and there were competitors which were superior in every way other than style.

The competitors were superior in bullet points on paper, but failed in real world use and usability in the market they were intended. If "style" means being able to use it without wanting it to slam it against the wall on the third attempt, I'm all for style.

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Myhrvold then turned to what he called “the truly personal computer—something which has the size and weight appropriate to be carried with you at all times.” This wireless “digital wallet,” as he called it, would allow anyone to communicate, untethered to a wire, by voice, video, fax, E-mail, or pager. The device would be a clock, an alarm, a schedule manager, a notepad, an archive of phone numbers and records, and a library of music and books.

Yeah, he was just encouraging MS to make their own Palm Pilot, which it was already out when he wrote this. He wasn't predicting the smartphone, he was just imitating the PDA.

It's like crediting someone in in 1900 for predicting the airplane because he wrote about "Skies full of great flying boats"--not realizing that he's talking about comtemporary dirigibles, not airplanes.

He does a damn good job of describing the smartphone, probably because he's couching it in the terms of what it is "a small personal computer" rather than a "phone". A better analogy would be somebody working at a shop making canvas and wood biplanes in 1910 predicting that they will eventually be monowing plane constructed out of metal used for war and transport and that the company should head in that direction. The direction is sort of obvious but the tech wasn't there yet, but there was great rewards for those that did it right first.

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The "sexual" part of "sexual harassment" refers to gender, not the sex act.

Does it means that if a bisexual sexually-as-in-sex-act harass people of both genders, that's not sexual harassment ?

Depends on the laws involved. I remember reading one news article where a guy got off because he was bi-sexual and the state harassment laws he was being charged under were written as treating one gender differently than the other. Since there was testimony that he was treating both sexes with the same behavior, he got off and there was such a stink that the laws then got updated.

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And on top of that, every other explaination that people have come up with to explain those data sets has failed.

MOND - the idea that gravity has some extra factor that kicks in on galactic scale has yet to provide even a hypothetical answer to be tested. Last I heard, it gets complicated so fast that they haven't even been able to produce a hypothetical gravitational equation that would explain orbital velocities of galaxies let alone the other observed data.

That the extra matter is out there in more mundane forms such as dim stars or jupiter like orphan planets has been tested since they first started seeing these obeservations, and all tests so far have shown that if that was the case, they should be able top detect it but haven't.

Somebody once made a comment on /. about just because we put out cat food and it is disappearing, it doesn't mean there is a cat in the house that nobody has seen. However, at this point, the cat food is being eaten, the litter box is being used, something is playing with the cat toys, and if you knock on the walls, you can hear something go "meow". It still may not be the case that there is a cat we've never seen living in the house, but if so, the new answer is much stranger and more complicated.

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There are suits and then there are suits. I have a closet full of suits, but I doubt I could wear any of them to work or a wedding (except for the tuxes). I wouldn't say formal occasions as much as special occasions, and when you're wearing a suit, every occasion becomes a special occasion. Wearing a suit generally shows you have style, can groom yourself, and at least the impression of some wealth. There's a saying that suits are for women what lingerie are for men, and judging by the comments I get while out, I'd have to say there's something to that. It may not be your style or for everyone, but if your suits make you look like you just came from your job, you're not buying the right suits for wearing out.

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The name 'Thor' is masculine too. If marvel wanted a new female character, why not create a new one?

Why bother? Their readers probably don't speak scandanavian languages and don't know that Thor is a masculine name. To Americans, it's just a name. It could be the Asgardian equivalent to Pat. They need a front ranked character to make female because there is an increasing number of readers who want a primary character that is female. Taking one who has stood the test of time not only shows their commitment to these readers, but decreases the chance of coming up with a character that will fail. (Look at all Marvel's attempts at creating a Superman counterpart, including a black one. Even after sticking them in the Avengers they don't amount to anything.) Plus, I bet if we look at sales, the Thor title isn't doing all that hot anyway.

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Stop using your platforms to push marxist propaganda. It's so blatant when history is so blatantly contradicted for no good reason. The mythos always depicted thor as male. Why is it so terrible to have a dominant male in a protagonist role? It's not misogyny.

The Marvel Thor is whoever holds the hammer. In the past a woman, an alien, and even a frog have all become Thor. This has been established for several decades and back to the creation of Marvel Thor character in the 60's. It's not terrible to have a dominant male role, they've got plenty of them. Now they want a dominant female role to add in to sell things in a capitalistic desire to make money because half the population is lacking any dominant characters they can relate to. Somehow you make that Marxist? You are a little messed up by this it seems and have some biases when you start claiming a capitalist grab for money by supplying a product to demanding customers is Marxist. In addition to that, you don't know shit about comics. Some nerd you are.

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Not the original poster, but I agree. I think it's great to have strong female main characters, on an equal footing with strong male main characters. But this ain't it. They're taking a character who is male, both in mythology and in their own storyline, and changing him into a woman. Why? Because they can't write female leads so they'll just take a male one and give him boobs? Because a female main character can't be successful without all the momentum gathered by that character being male for a thousand years?

Ridiculous seems like a reasonable summary.

In the comics, whoever holds the hammer and is worthy is Thor, or at least has the power of Thor. Storm has had it. Beta Ray Bill had it. Well within Marvell pre-defined canon to have a woman get it.

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Thor is a male god. Thor is an established character, based on the mythical Thor. Making Thor female is just a publicity stunt. Marvel can't create compelling original female characters, but that doesn't mean they should slap tits and a vagina onto existing male characters and hope they stick. What Marvel needs to do is realize that they can't create ANY compelling characters anymore, male or female, and fix that problem first. Everyone knows that the real Thor will be back once this "arc" finishes - saying something is permanent in comics is an insult to anyone who reads them.

Thor's been many people in the Marvel universe. Thor's been female as well as alien. Once even a frog. Whoever picks up the hammer and is worthy is Thor is a pretty much standard bit of Marvel character and lore. There is certainly precedent for a female Thor in the Marvel universe. Personally, I think Marvel can do a lot better at making a decent female character than DC. Hell, DC isn't even trying and whenever they start to get a strong female fanbase, they try and ruin it as shown with several titles and stupid remarks lately. Will, the old Thor come back? Who knows. I'd probably side with you and say yes, but if they do pull off a comic with a strong female backing (and sales to go with it), I can see her staying.

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It's a great security initiative! Everybody should do this. Considering it is impossible to electronically monitor what is typed on a manual type writer, and certainly it would be near impossible to copy the manually typed paper with today's technology.

I'm actually thinking these are more for internal discussions or notifications to superiors more than anything else. Don't want future administrations of your government that might not be so keen on your current policies and don't want to make things suspicious by deleting the email servers? Type a letter and pass it to somebody else who can type their own letter and send it back through a trusted courier. The people involved would be able to make their own copies if there was email, so it's not really less secure. All copies should be destroyed later and there is easy deniability.

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Not buying it without some sort of citation. Those were just the first few results from a simple google search. Why is it that every time someone asks for a citation, the "proof" is the first hit from a simple google search? In this case: "number of bookstores in the USA".

Hrrm. Pretty much all only deal with what seems to be opportunistic growth after the fall of Borders since 2009, and based on the same American Booksellers Association data. Assuming these numbers reflect the reality and are a constant percentage of all total bookstores in the USA, it still only deals with a recent phenominon with obvious cause, and even then "The current total is less than half the 1990s peak of around 4,000." Although amounts vary, everything else I've seen says the same thing, the number of bookstores is going down.

"Who cares if it doesn't do anything? It was made with our new Triple-Iso-Bifurcated-Krypton-Gate-MOS process ..."