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Comment Re:Americans setting off fireworks... snicker (Score 1) 40 40

In the Netherlands some 60-70 million kilogram of fireworks are sold to the public for New Years' Eve. That's 4-5 kilogram per person on average... Last New Years' Eve some 574 people ended up in the hospital, some of which lost complete eyesight, or lost one or more fingers.

Submission + - NASA wants your help hunting for asteroids

An anonymous reader writes: Since the early 20th century, astronomers have relied on the same technique to detect asteroids — they take images of a section in the sky and look for star-like objects that move between frames. However, with an increase in sensitivity of ground-based telescopes, it has become increasingly difficult for astronomers to sift through the massive pile of data and verify every single detection. In order to increase the frequency of asteroid detection, including of those bodies that could be potential threats to our planet, NASA has released new software, developed in collaboration with Planetary Resources, Inc., capable of running on any standard PC. The software, which can be downloaded for free, will accept images from a telescope and run an algorithm on them to determine celestial bodies that are moving in a manner consistent with an asteroid.

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