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Comment Re:Pro-se competency should be the rule (Score 1) 897

Heh, the CHP. I'm still to see one of their cars ever use the turning lights when changing lanes on the freeway. I have a friend who's a policeman and the stories he tells about drunk driving after shifts, using their badges to enter night clubs for free and other minor abuses of power are so shameful I've decided to just change the topic when he starts talking about work, or I'll lose a friend.

Comment Re:U.S. law is the new international law (Score 1) 1005

Should a landlord be liable when a tenant infringes copyrights?

Thank you, this argument is the simplest explanation of issue's core. I've read blogs of certain judges in Spain claiming for Youtube and Google to compensate musicians for their users linking to copyrighted content. Some people just can't adapt.

Comment Re:But what OS will it run? (Score 1) 99

I can tell you Android runs on x86 already, albeit in an unstable state. I expect with Intel behind this, things will develop faster. Regarding the compatibility issues, Android is bytecode with only specific libraries compiled natively, and they're being ported. I imagine we'll see some sort of fat binary support for both architectures on the Android Market.

Comment Re:Why I care as a developer (Score 1) 99

If we get android running x86 (there are already a number of people out there working towards this)

Actually, I am running Android on my x86 tablet. The speakers and touch screen don't work so you have to plug a mouse, and it's unstable, but it does run already.

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