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Comment Re:Need more mature languages (Score 1) 231

C/C++ is not suitable for anything which should never crash or return random results due to memory corruption.

Yes, it's 2015 and so it would be appropriate to realize that C and C++ are two totally different languages (where one of those is just capable to seamlessly compile most of the code written for the other).

Submission + - NATO STRATCOM: Fearmongering on refugees spread by 'third parties' (

paavo512 writes: Upon examining the information flow about the refugees' way to Europe, the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (StratCom) has noticed that the information shows signs of having a coordinated strategy, leading to thoughts about third parties trying to divide European society.

"We have a hypothesis that there is a noticeable, coordinated strategy [of influencing the information flow] — we have started comparing the situation in Lithuania, Latvia and Finland, and there are many parallels," said Janis Sarts, head of the StratCom.

He added that he currently has no information about the possible perpetrators of these disruptions. "But it is obvious that this information is splitting society, and it is splitting Europe," he said.

Comment Re:No. Solicitor General's Office is Good (Score 1) 223

They are for the most part really top-tier professionals who are trying to make the decision based on what is best for the US Government as an institution. Not influenced very much by politics. They are widely considered the "tenth justice," and really care about (1) whether the case is important, (2) whether the case presents the issues it's about well (i.e. is it a good vehicle for the issue), (3) whether the case has facts that are favorable for getting to what the government thinks is in its interest, etc...

Well, in this case they have clearly failed as the case is obviously very important (can overturn the whole concept of SDK-s) and is pretty clear-cut. So it appears the government thinks it's in its interest to sink the whole digital revolution. Well, considering that a moderate AI might perform better in their jobs, they might be right...

Comment It's not that hard. (Score 3, Interesting) 298

Good code has documentation for knowing what it should do, and has unit tests to verify that it actually does that. If there are any problems good code can be modified to meet the (possibly changed) requirements better, while unit tests ensure the modifications do not make the code worse. Code which cannot be modified is not good code. It's that simple.

Comment Re:Most expensive digital media market (Score 2) 137

The most expensive digital media market wants the prices found in the markets in regions that have totally different income brackets and standards of living?

The general idea of EU is to unify these "totally different income brackets and standards of living". There are special huge help programs for poorer member states.

Comment Re:How can the time difference be so small (Score 1) 149

Big ferries take about 4 hours to cross the gulf (70 km). The 90 minutes mentioned in the summary does indeed apply for newer hydrofoil boats which have max speed about 70 km/h and take little or no cars on board (and have more expensive tickets). The number mentioned for the train (30 minutes) is 8 times less than for large ferries.

Comment Re:Seamlessly replace keys? (Score 2) 88

It's one thing to trust the server to be who you expect it to be.

It's something completely different to trust that server to tell you how to authenticate all the other servers that you know about. That requires a LOT more trust than "this server is the one I expected"

This is not what this is about. TFA talks only about updating keys for the same server as far as I can see.

Comment Re:Shame on them (Score 1) 181

If the devil payed you to successfully research a method to eliminate poverty would you do take his money?

If your goal is to eliminate poverty there is no need to research for a new method. The efficiency of producing food and buildings has gone up by a factor of tens or hundreds in last few centuries. If the humankind has still been not able to provide all people with enough food and shelter, then it's just a shame.

Comment Re: But does it matter any more? (Score 1) 181

There are real, legitimate concerns and reasons to MITM. If you don't like it, don't do non-company things on company Internet and equipment.

All this somehow loses importance if I am allowed and expected to take my laptop to home half of the time and doing company things using my home internet and equipment. Well, I am basically forced to do that because their MITM software does not work properly with the dropbox software of some customers. So I have to download and upload those 200 MB files over my home connection, just to do my work.

If I really wanted to send over some sensitive information to somebody, you can be sure I would find a way to do this. And about malware, the only malware which I have seen on my computer is the company-enforced Symantec antivirus crapware. So there...

Comment Re:But does it matter any more? (Score 1) 181

What browser can't an employer control to do a MitM attack? You can turn off cert pinning in both Chrome and Firefox, as well as add your own cert...

I am hoping this would require more access to my machine than they have got, but I may be wrong. Fortunately the IT department is at least physically located in another country ;-)

Comment Re:But does it matter any more? (Score 0, Troll) 181

I guess they've got to have a browser, every OS comes with one. It used to be that Microsoft was at their best as the underdog. If the browser were good enough, I'd switch... I have no loyalty to my browser. Adding value is fine with me--if it really is value and not bloat. I don't see it happening, but you never know.

With IE, it's more like misfeatures, like hiding the fact that my employer is carrying out a MITM attack on my encrypted connections. So sorry, there is no chance I would switch to it.

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 200

To be fair, though, the only two forms of generic programming I know a little about are the template approach in C++ and the duck-typing approach in Python. Both of those rely heavily on classes.

Presence of classes does not automatically mean OO. In C you also have structs and can store also function pointers in them to mimic virtual functions, yet nobody says C is an OO language. For "real" OO one needs at least derivation/inheritance and virtual method overriding. In C++, one could implement containers, iterators and algorithms without any derivation or virtual functions whatsoever, so in my mind, no OO is involved in STL.

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